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Arriving in Egypt, at first with surprise, and then was sympathetic to the people who come to this country who are in the eighth, and who in the 30 th time. In Egypt, interested in everything, from the Red Sea, with its extraordinary coral reefs and ending with man-made monuments.

Egypt - a country of pyramids1

The water in the Red Sea is clean and clear, here is not no river flows. Good to be a diver, but the snorkelling is also interesting, because the fish watching us with the same curiosity as we are for them. By following a few simple rules in the sea, you can protect yourself from all the hassles. Namely, do not splash as tuna, do not feed the fish, do not try to touch it, to break off anything, remember that the toilet is located on the banks or on a yacht. Then even the shark is not terrible. And the underwater world is beautiful, you can not transfer these emotions through films and photos.

Egypt - a country of pyramids2

See the inhabitants of the Red Sea is possible and in Hurgadinskom Institute of Marine Research. Here at the Aquarium you can see the green turtles, moray eels, stone fish, lion fish, and a lot of other fish not similar to our goldfish.

Egypt - a country of pyramids red sea space 3

Egyptians are protective of their natural resources, because one centimeter of coral grows 15 years. Therefore, there are reserves: Ras Mohammed in Sharm, Hurghada Mahmeyya and others. Boat tours can be booked at any hotel, costing 25 to 85 dollars.

Egypt - a country of pyramids4

Leaving or scuba mask, dressed in a tunic and arafatki, you can explore the historic sights: the Karnak and Luxor temples, the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut (the only female pharaoh), Valley of the Kings or the city of the dead, of the pyramid.

Egypt - a country of pyramids5

Karnak Temple was built 20 centuries, it impresses with its grandeur and beauty. There remained avenue of sphinxes, columned hall area of ​​5 thousand square meters. m, where 134 columns represent the number of wives of Ramses II, as “a great producer of offspring.” He had 92 daughters and 106 sons. At the temple is a sacred lake, where guests can see a beautiful show of sound and light, telling about the life of the pharaohs.

Egypt - a country of pyramids6

It is a pity that those in the temples of the pharaohs damaged Copts, early Christians, they wanted to destroy paganism.

Egypt - a country of pyramids7

In the city of the dead, the burial place of the pharaohs, you can visit the tombs. The frescoes on the walls tell about the afterlife.

Egypt - a country of pyramids8

City of the dead and the city of the living (Luxor) separates the river Nile. There are very interesting cruises, connecting the Upper and Lower Egypt (Luxor and Aswan). Nile cruises have mastered more than 100 years ago, the English aristocracy, and is still in hotels Luxor Russian speaking almost meet.

Egypt - a country of pyramids9

In the Nile for a very fast, you can not swim. Picturesque beaches with palm trees, grazing camels, sheep, herons. There is an interesting walk on banana island.

Egypt - a country of pyramids10

On the west bank of the Nile, is a unique temple of Queen Hatshepsut, showing perfect harmony of the architectural complex.

Egypt - a country of pyramids11

As Karnak, Luxor temple was buried under the sand until the mid 19th century. In the 18th century in the colonies (which were under the sand) built a mosque of Abu Haggag. Now it is called the suspension because it remained on the wall of the Luxor Temple.

Egypt - a country of pyramids12

From Egypt to visit Jerusalem. From Hurghada it would cost $ 350., Sharma of 265 dollars. (2 days), Petra by ferry from Sharm – 315 dollars.

Egypt - a country of pyramids13

From Sharm El Sheikh you can go to the monastery of St.. Catherine, built in the second century. He looks like a medieval fortress, in an atmosphere of grace, tranquility. Truly feel that you are on fertile ground. Soul of the monastery is the chapel of the Burning Bush, a few steps from the famous chapel is growing shrub – a rare species of the family of roses, «Rubus Sanctus». There are encaustic icon from the second to the 19th century. All pilgrims give the ring similar to the ring of St.. Catherine.

Egypt - a country of pyramids14

On the way, the guide will tell about the Bedouins. You can see their settlement. In the Bedouin, like all the inhabitants of the East, women are at a premium. The bride is 5-7 camels, a camel is worth $ 1,000. The bride agreed to marry her to give 1 kg of gold. Women work only on the prestigious jobs. In the hotels of the maintenance personnel are no women. In Egypt, bigamy is allowed, but each to his wife the husband is obliged to provide a separate apartment.

Egypt - a country of pyramids15

In Sharm el Sheikh are plenty of places for nightlife. Fun show in Leila wa Leila, it includes Egyptian folklore show, parade and dancing fountains (the dance of the dervishes dance and drum). Relax in the evening with the children can be at Soho Square, ice skating, visit the Singing Fountain. A large number of discos located on Naama Bay. One of the best discos – is a disco in the desert.

Egypt - a country of pyramids16

By the way, in Hurghada holiday cheaper than in Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab can stay even for $ 200. month.

Egypt - a country of pyramids17

Recently, very concerned about the news of clashes in Egypt. Our experience has proven that to deny yourself the trip to the resorts due to political clashes in Cairo do not need to – the resorts is easy.

Egypt - a country of pyramids18