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14 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In New Zealand


New Zealand – is required to attend to fans of adventure, extreme and unique nature. You can still: kayaking on the fjord trip on the mountain serpentines, the conquest of volcanoes and bathing in the geothermal sources. New Zealand is famous Cave of fireflies, Hobbiton and the Valley of the volcanoes. Here you get the most impressions.


Auckland area be sure to visit the “Golden Mile”, the ancient buildings of the government and the university, the bridge across the bay, gardens and parks Domain, broken in the crater of an extinct volcano. Visit the observation deck of Mount Eden.


Boat trip to the island Rangitoto Reserve will leave indelible impressions. Trekking around the island. Climb up to the observation platform at the top of Rangitoto (260 m above sea level) and check out the lava caves, visit the yacht harbor in the bay of Islington.


Hobbiton. Waitomo Caves
Excursion to the picturesque corner like even those who have never seen a “Lord of the Rings.” Visit Rotor, Waitomo Caves. The most beautiful caves are considered to be “firefliesĀ» (Waitomo Glowworm Cave).


Climbing the Tongariro
Be sure to visit the Valley of the Volcanoes – the main place of the final scenes of Lord of the Rings. Three main Ruapehu, Tongariro and Naruhoe periodically erupt lava and red-hot with tons of ash.


Lake Taupo
Taupo – crystal clear lake located in the crater of an ancient volcano, is impressive not only spectacular views, but also its size. The main highlight of the lake – rock paintings of indigenous inhabitants of the New Zealand Maori.


Reserve “Holy Water”
Walk through the geothermal valley to meet the unique creations – an artist’s palette, the lake “Champagne” and the suite of the devil. The reserve will see blue and green lakes, Pohutu geyser that throws a fountain up to 30 meters in height.


SPA on the shores of Lake Rotorua
In Rotorua is the famous Valley of Geysers, the Maori cultural center, the thermal park, and the stylized “Maori villageĀ» Whakarewarewa Thermal Reserve, where in a special darkened room, you can see flightless birds kiwi.


Coromandel beach
Previously the peninsula was mined gold and harvested wood cowries, and today it is one of the favorite place ecotourists, impressed by virgin forest, cozy beaches and magnificent scenery.


It is the second largest and the most European city in New Zealand, a city of gardens and contrasts. You will get acquainted with the sights and admire the beautiful views of the coast of the River Avon.


transalpine road
Transalpine road – one of the most beautiful in the world. Journey to the trans-alpine train through New Zealand Alps National Parks (Park Paparoa) and forests, mountain rivers.


Franz Josef Glacier
One of the most memorable trips – Track Franz Josef Glacier. Drive along the picturesque east coast. Make a stop at Bruce Bay beach. On the way: Silver forest, mountain Aspring, Lake Wanaka.


Lake Wakatipu – one of the cleanest and deepest lakes in the country (400 m). Also interesting are the old paddle steamer “Insley,” a lot of bridges, as well as a quiet pedestrian street in the old, adjacent to the lake, part of the city.


Canyon Ckipper. Arrowtown
This is one of the most beautiful and dangerous roads mills. Gravel road paved by the miners in the middle of a cliff, more than 140 years ago. Walking streets Arrowtown is Gold Rush-era town.


Kayaking the fjords
Incredibly beautiful fjord Doubtful Sound and Milford Sound are part of Fiordland National Park. Tropical forest, black water, majestic cliffs and waterfalls.