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15 Best Places To Visit Before You Die


If you love traveling and discovering exotic paradises, you must have your list of must-travel places. These could be places you’ve simply always admired and would like to see for real, or they could be locations that have something of interest to you. However, the world is huge with a lot of beautiful places to visit which is why you should have a bucket list of these places.


Bora Bora, French Polynesia
This is an actual paradise on earth featuring crystal clear water beaches and a beautiful island with beautiful people that you will fall in love with. The beautiful hills are exactly what you need if you feel up to a hike during your vacation.


Pyramids, Egypt
It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World which makes it a must in the places to visit. However, if you like more reasons, as to why you should visit, think of how much you will learn about ancient Egyptian society and all the creepy stuff that comes with it.


Machu Picchu, Peru
Here you find the lost city of Incas one of the most remote areas in the country yet so beautiful to explore.

Machu Picchu, Peru,South America

Eiffel Tower, Paris
It may seem a bit clichés, but this is one of the most beautiful countries and places you will ever get to visit. Go up the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a magnificent view of the city while on vacation.


Grand Canyon, Arizona
If you love taking a good hike, then the Grand Canyon is one of the best places. Even if you do not like hiking, you would benefit a lot from this amazing sight and get to camp in nearby parks.


Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Cambodia is one of the most beautiful places, with an even better history that you will get to experience in what used to be a Buddhist temple.


Victoria Falls, Zambia
The magnificent Victoria Falls is about 1 lime long and over 350feet high making it the biggest singular waterfalls in the world.


The Great Wall of China
Prepare to be amazed by this architectural wonder that offers a magnificent view of China


Tianzi Mountains, China
If you loved the movie Avatar, then you will love this place as it was one of the inspirations of the movie due to its floating mountains.


The Masai Mara, Kenya
At the Masai Mara, you will get to experience another great wonder of the world which is the wild beast migration towards the Serengeti in Tanzania. If you are a lover of wildlife and great exotic culture, this is the place for you.


Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo is the capital and most populous city of Japan.

surreal view of Yokohama and Mt. Fuji

Reed Flute Caves, China
The reed flute caves are made beautiful by incredible pillar formations that feature a lot of colors which will simply leave you amazed.


Yellowstone National Park, USA
This is one of the most amazing sites you will ever see as the park extends over three states full of geysers and hot springs such as the old faithful geyser and mammoth hot springs.


Taj Mahal, India
You don’t have to be an architect to enjoy the beauty of the Taj Mahal as it is magnificently created which anyone would see.


Mt. Kilimanjaro
This is for the serious hikers; it is the tallest mountain in Africa that overlooks the beautiful savanna plains that will simply take your breath away.