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15 Most Fascinating Castles In Europe


Neuschwanstein castle, Germany
The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is one of the most romantic and famous icons of the country. The palace is also known as the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The castle has many interesting less known facts about it that you can find out by touring this place on your own.


Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic
This castle was built in a gothic style and was the symbol of the Golden Age serving as a safe depository for the holy relics, royal imperial jewels, archive of state documents and royal treasures. The history of this castle is a mixture of true stories and myths that can be heard while touring.


Eltz castle, Germany
What adds more beauty to the Eltz Castle from others is its formation. The castle is built on a huge rock in the middle of the forest. The medieval architecture is so unique that attracts the tourists here. Besides that, its armory, gold, silver and porcelain jewelry is also another reason why people want to visit this castle.


Lichtenstein castle, Germany
This is one of the smallest castles in Germany and is definitely worth checking out. It has a very typical castle look. The tour takes almost 30 minutes where the castle authorities do give you an English tour if you need it.


Swallow’s Nest Castle, Gaspra, Ukraine
Built on the very edge of the cliff, the Swallow’s Nest Castle looks like it could slide right into the black sea easily. The castle however is very small but it is probably the location that makes the castle very interesting and a must watch.


Corvin Castle,Transylvania, Romania
One of the most beautiful castles of Transylvania, the Corvin Castle (also known as the Hunyadi Castle) dominates the city of Hunedoara with its incredible Gothic culture. The unique part about this castle is the various architectural styles that you get to see on the tour.


Conwy Castle, Wales
It is truly said that words cannot describe or do justice to the Conwy Castle. The castle owns the entrance to Conwy. The 8 great towers and walls are all connected that forms a rectangle as oppose to the other castles of Edward’s in Wales. What makes the tour interesting is that almost the entire castle is accessible and well preserved.


Edinburgh castle, England
This world famous icon of Scotland, the Edinburgh Castle is a must visit when you are there. The castle was recently voted as the top UK heritage attracting in the British Travel Awards. It is also number one paid as a tourist attraction in Scotland.


Bojnice Castle, Slovakia
The gem and fairytale of Bojnice, the Bojnice Castle is one of the most beautiful and visited places in the entire Europe. Besides showcasing the mysterious and hidden secrets of the castle, the castles calendar is jam packed all year round showcasing numerous public events that attracts the tourists.


Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, England
Bodiam Castle, one of the most picturesque castles of England gives a glimpse to the tourists about the tales and history of the heritage site. The castle was built in an interesting and unique way and remains as a popular destination among the visitors, both old and young.


Hohenzollern Castle, Germany
The castle is the ancestral home to the Hohenzollern family, a family that emerged the kings and emperors. Hohenzollern Castle is like any other castle filled with great treasures that include a uniform worn by Fredrick the great and a crown worn by the Prussian Kings.


Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland
One of the reasons to visit Scotland is the famous Eilean Donan Castle. It is an absolute gem located at a stunning landscape. The castle looks better in low cloud than sunshine which makes it one of the most picturesque castles of the place.


Bran Castle, Transylvania, Romania
Fascinated by Dracula’s? This is your place to be. The Bran Castle in Transylvania is also famous to be known as the Dracula Castle as it was supposedly the home to Bram Stoker, a character of the movie Dracula.


Reichsburg Cochem castle, Germany
The Reichsburg Cochem Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany. The castle represents a landmark of the city and the region. Today it is well equipped with the Baroque furniture and the Renaissance that makes it quite an interesting palace in the country.


Alnwick castle, Northumberland, England
One of the most popular destinations of Northumberland is the Alnwick castle where tourists of all ages come and see this impressive castle that was the inspiration for the Hogwarts of the Harry Potters movie. The tour of the castle is pretty exciting as there’s always something happening for the entire family to get involved in.