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Algeria: A Mysterious Country In Africa


Algeria – a mysterious country with a great many mysterious places that beckon ever-increasing flow of tourists from all corners of the globe, despite the political conflicts.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa1

Travelers always strikes a bizarre mixture of cultures, which can be seen reflected in local traditions, buildings, museums, monuments and other sights of Algeria. At its largest, this is the second country on the African continent, so you can be sure that there are enough interesting cities to visit: Timgad, Djemila, Tipasa and, of course, the state capital – is the most popular tourist Mecca.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa2

Attractions and sights of Algeria presented unique natural resources: Tassili Plateau-Ager, green oasis with rare animals, millennial cypresses – this is not a complete list of places that may surprise you with its splendor.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa3

History buffs must visit the ruins of the ancient capital – the city Hammadid and walk the streets Timgrada, different architecture.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa4

The state capital of the same name – Algeria, exciting city, rich in iconic places and entertainment.

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Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa6

The city has many old buildings and mosques belonging to past centuries, it is considered to be the most beautiful religious buildings Mosque Jami-al-Jadid and the nearby tomb of Sidd Abdarrahman.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa7

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa8

The oldest district of Algiers is of the Kasbah, there are many dark narrow streets, buildings with unusual shapes and small squares. Kasbah is like a mysterious and gloomy town, his quarters were built in the 16th century.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa9

The most picturesque region remains Constantine, among steep cliffs and high rocks located wondrous beauty of trees and forests, you can see the mountain streams and rare birds.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa10

One of the main attractions, which tends to see every traveler remains a source of Hammam Meskutin. The water temperature at the source reaches 98 degrees, it has amazing healing properties and can cure many ailments.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa11

Djurdjura national park – coastal mountain range in the north of Algeria, which is part of the mountain range of Tell Atlas. The highest mountain peak is the peak djurdjura national park Lalla Hedidzha – 2308m.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa12

Tourists come to djurdjura national park to enjoy the spectacular views of mountain peaks, the slopes are covered with lush untouched forest, and see the amazing in its beauty and unusual canyons and caves. Centre for trips to the local mountains is winter resort Tikdzhda.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa13

Tikdzhda Located directly in the mountains, at an altitude of 1600m. If you start the journey from the foothills, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the quiet pine forests, in some places interspersed with juniper bushes. On the northern slopes dominated by oak forests. Above, in the mountains, the vegetation changes. There is already stretched huge pine grove.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa14

More above begin the very mountainous landscape with grottos, caves and canyons. By the way, djurdjura national park is the deepest cave in Africa – Anou Ifflis. This vertical karst cave has a depth of 1120m. and visited only by professional cavers.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa15

The fauna is quite diverse djurdjura national park in North Africa – here you can find a hyena, wild boar, porcupine, hare, mongoose, weasel, fox, eagles and vultures variety. But one of the most interesting animals living in the foothills djurdjura national park – a Barbary Macaque (or Berber macaque). Once these monkeys were widely distributed throughout the Mediterranean coast of Africa, but now they can be found only in a few places.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa16

Jam – Roman city in North Africa, approximately 50km. South of the modern town of Setif in Algeria. Founded in 96g. BC Kuikul called by Emperor Nerva as a fortified military camp.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa17

The following 100 years, the city grows, construction forum, as well as several temples, an amphitheater for 5 thousand. Man, market, bathhouse. The first luxury mansions Dzhemile date from the end of II century BC, indicating that the growth of the welfare of the inhabitants of the city and the beginning of social stratification.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa18

The first excavations in the modern times began in 1909. Roman sculpture was found, and the remains of the beautiful mosaics – all this can now be seen at the Museum of Cemil. Also, up to now well preserved majestic Roman baths, triumphal arch of Emperor Caracalla, an amphitheater and a graceful colonnade that runs along the main street.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa19

In 1982. the entire complex of the former Roman city Djemila was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa20

Notre Dame d`Afrik (aka Notre Dame d’Afrique) – Catholic cathedral in the capital of Algeria. Located in the northern part of the city in the 124-meter high rock, which rises above the sea. It was built in neo-Byzantine style by the French architect Jean Eugène Fromageau.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa21

By the cathedral come to pray, not only Catholics, but also Muslims. Rather, Muslims do not come to the cathedral itself, and to the bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, which they call “Lalla Mariam.”

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa22

In the period 2006-2010. Cathedral held a large-scale restoration. Particularly impressive and makes empathize service conducting during a storm, when the moaning wind carries the sound of bells in the sea, and the waves themselves in the eyes fill with lead weight …

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa23

Ketchaoua mosque – a medieval mosque in Algiers, Algiers. It is situated in the Kasbah, a kind of ancient heart of the city. The official year of construction of the mosque is considered to be 1612, but the Arab historians say that a certain mosque was at this place in the XIV century. She is known for mixing Byzantine and Moorish styles used in construction.
Ketchaoua mosque – one of the most recognizable Arab mosques. Not so, of course, like Mecca, but quite popular.
M’zab – Valley in the northern part of the Algerian Sahara, around 500km from the capital, Algiers. In the X century Berber Ibadi Muslims fleeing persecution from the religious fanatics of the Fatimids in the valley were founded five CRMS – fortified towns, two CRMS were founded much later, in the XVII century.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa24

This community of CRMS that called Geptapolis existed apart (almost as a separate state) until the XIX century, when it voluntarily, but under special conditions became part of French Algeria.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa25

CRMS – a compact, fortified city, built around a central mosque. Many small houses huddle together, almost touching the walls. Between the houses – narrow winding streets.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa26

The area is enclosed by an imposing wall CRMS, which protrude above the minarets, at the same time being and security towers.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa27

Grand Erg Oriental – a huge sand desert in the northern part of the Sahara with an area of ​​more than 100 thousand. Square kilometers (more than 600 km length of the erg, the width in some places reaches 200km).

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa28

The bulk of the sands is situated on the territory of Algeria, but a small tip of the erg “climbs” in Tunisia. Dunes Great East Erg have light yellow color and long, sharp ridge line parallel to the direction of the prevailing wind.

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa29

The height of some dunes up to 300 meters, is characterized by the separation of their clay-pebble walkways (Gussie).

Algeria - a mysterious country in Africa30