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Amsterdam, Netherlands


Currently, Holland is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and cheap trips to this country rarely stay the tour operators. If, however, you are lucky and you have the opportunity to go on vacation burning in the Netherlands, you can be sure that you will get from his journey many pleasant experiences and pay them very little money.


The ancient and magnificent country, which is also called “the Kingdom of tulips and windmills,” captivates at first sight its pretty houses with tiled roofs, flower fields, deep channels and impressive architecture.


Amid all this splendor in the north of Holland, at the mouth of river IJ and Amstel, stretched beautiful city of Amsterdam, which is not only the capital of the state, but its most important financial and cultural center.


Some, this cosmopolitan city attracts a citadel of art and culture, some prefer the historical monuments and some beckon countless nightclubs and restaurants.


You can get a lot of pleasure from shopping and commercial centers, walking through the ancient narrow streets and relaxing in the many beautiful parks and gardens of Amsterdam.


Everyone who has ever been in this town and has already managed to fall in love with it, necessarily, listing its merits, celebrate a special and unique atmosphere in Amsterdam.


However, little is heard these words, it is best to go to the very inexpensive stay in the Dutch capital and appreciate its exquisite appeal and enjoy its beauty.


In terms of sightseeing, the most interesting historical center of Amsterdam, featuring a variety of well-preserved medieval buildings, original sculptural decorations and houseboats.


Visiting the Dam Square, you can see one of the most remarkable buildings of the capital – the Royal Palace, built in 1665 in the style of Dutch classicism.


The very structure built of yellow sandstone and stands on strong wooden stilts, and the luxurious halls you will see the ancient imperial furniture, magnificent marble finish and Dutch paintings of the great masters of painting – Rembrandt, Ferdinand Bol and Jacob Jordaens.


Next to the palace is the famous Madame Tussauds wax figures with many famous politicians, musicians and actors.


Sufficiently remarkable and towers of Amsterdam, in particular, Coin tower, restored in 1620 after a fire from destroying the building of the XV century, the remarkable elegant steeple clock with four dials and golden weather vane with a figure of a bull. Shreyerstoren tower, built in 1487, has attracted attention for its rounded shape and a small ship on top, and Montelbanstoren built in 1512 – in the Baroque style, with bunk viewing platform.


Familiarize yourself with the history and culture of the city you will succeed in its museums, including the Rijksmuseum is worth a visit with a rich collection of Dutch paintings, Rembrandt Museum, which tells about the life and works of the great artist, and the History Museum with objects of everyday life, national costumes, photographs and paintings by local painters. If you have not been to Amsterdam, then hurry to buy last minute, which, like most affordable tours to Cuba will allow you not only to admire the splendor of a wonderful city, but also save a lot on travel.


The most enjoyable way to travel to Amsterdam – on a bicycle. It is very user-friendly to cyclists town (the locals are registered over 500,000 copies of two-wheeled). Office rental two-wheeled transport – tens, and the prices are quite reasonable, and you can rent a bicycle to go to a nearby suburb to spend time in nature. For the most part of them are allocated to special lanes and traffic lights, but in the old center of Amsterdam cyclists often have to drive on one lane with cars.


Amsterdam – a city of canals through which, nowadays there are more than 600 bridges. Most interesting – and Blauburg Maher Brug (“Skinny Bridge”). On the water you can see most of the sights of Amsterdam and hundreds of picturesque bridges.


Amsterdam lucky with the markets – there are a few dozen, and sold them almost everything that your heart desires, vintage clothing, antiques, flowers, farm products. Feel free to recommend to visit can Blumenmarkt – flower market on the water, where not even need to buy something, just go to admire the variety of colorful flowers.
For antiques and art objects and go to the Art Plein Spey or De Loire. Oriental flavor in abundance there to Dappermarkt and Keypmarkt and fresh products – Lindengraht and Nordenmarkt.


Netherlands gave the world culture of many great artists. The originals are familiar with childhood paintings like “Night Watch” by Rembrandt or “thrush” Vermeer can be seen in the Rijksmuseum.


There’s also exposed and less “serious”, but very entertaining collection – porcelain figurines and dishes, doll houses and other objects of decorative art.


And in the famous Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam, contrary to popular belief, there are pictures not only of the artist (though there are many – the world’s most extensive collection covering all periods of Van Gogh), but also of his contemporaries, the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, and not only Dutch – there are works of French Monet, Seurat, Gauguin and Toulouse-Lautrec.


Finally, numerous etchings by Rembrandt exhibition are part of the house-museum of the artist.