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Argentina: A Sunny Country In South America


Argentina – a country on the sunny south-east of South America, with capital Buenos Aires. The beaches that stretch for hundreds of kilometers here – some of the best on the continent.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America1

Here are some of the highest peaks of the Andes the world, there is the amazing beauty of the waterfalls, deserts and megacities. Where you can live and work and rest in different parts of the country. As the capital and other cities of Argentina full of attractions, and some areas of the country are equal in size to some European countries.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America2

This South American country is famous for its Tango in the pampas, the mass consumption of beef … but everybody knows it, but the fact that the highest peak in the Americas – Aconcagua, lies on the western border of Argentina – not everybody knows. One of the most obvious reasons for a visit to Argentina – Buenos Aires – one of the most exciting Latin American capitals.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America3

Argentine capital, without a doubt, is the most vibrant city in South America, life does not stop here for a minute. On the street Avenida Corrientes are cafes, kiosks, cinemas and shops that work literally day and night, even the buses in Buenos Aires go at any time of the day or night.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America4

In the capital of Argentina a clear European charm, it is subtly feel the spirit of Paris, Rome and Madrid, and this is not surprising, because most of the ancestors portenos, as they call themselves residents of Buenos Aires are from the “Old World.”

Argentina - a sunny country in South America5

In Buenos Aires, home to nearly three million people, but if we consider the population of the suburbs – even more than 12 million.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America6

Main Corso Buenos Aires – one of the widest streets in the world – 140 meters of road and six lanes in each direction – inscribed for this same width in the Guinness Book of Records. Avenue is named in honor of Independence Day of Argentina, which is reminiscent of the towering obelisk in the middle line. Along the avenue are business centers and dozens of shops. Outwardly resembles street Champs Elysees in Paris.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America7

Christ the Redeemer monument was erected 13 March 1904 on the pass Bermejo in the Andes – on the borderline between Argentina and Chile. Opening of the monument marking the celebration of the peaceful settlement of the border dispute between the two countries stand on the brink of war. At the beginning of XX century, Pope Leo XIII sent a number of encyclicals asking for peace, harmony and devotion to Christ the Redeemer. In view of this request, and concerned with possible military conflict between Arentinoy and Chile because of the controversies on the border region of Cuyo Bishop Marcelino del Carmen Benavente publicly promised to erect a statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is to be reminded of his covenant to keep the peace. Statue height of 7 meters was made by the sculptor Mateo Alonso.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America8

Iber is the second largest wetland, the Pantanal in Brazil after. It is a paradise for nature lovers. Location is rich in animal world. Birds, caimans, capybaras, the pampas deer, wolves. Battleships – all this can be seen walking on foot, being in a boat or on horseback.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America9

Ushuaia – the southernmost city in the world. Earlier Ushuaia was a missionary base, colony and naval base, but now it is one of the main attractions of Argentina. The town has a large number of casinos, hotels and restaurants. The city is also used as a base for hiking, skiing and cruises to Antarctica.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America10

Mendoza wine region is considered the heart of Argentina wine. The wetlands are located in the eastern foothills of the Andes, vineyards grow on the highest points. Mendoza City – a great place to relax. Here you can enjoy the magnificent vineyards, as well as rafting, skiing and many other activities.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America11

Monte Fitz Roy – mountain altitude 3375 meters, on the border between Argentina and Chile. For the first time the mountain was conquered in 1952 by French climbers Lionel Terre Guido Magnon.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America12

Beagle – Strait in Tierra del Fuego, in southern Argentina. The channel is one of the 3-navigable passage through South America, and the rest are located in the Strait of Magellan to the north and the Drake Passage to the south. The boat trip – the best way to look at this great attraction.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America13

Peninsula Valdes is an important nature reserve, which is known for its unique fauna and geology. On the coast, home to sea lions, elephants, and – from October to March – penguins. The whales live in the waters located between the peninsula and the Patagonian mainland Valdez in the period from May to December.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America14

La Boca – a residential district of Buenos Aires. The area is popular for its colorful houses and streets where musicians play tango. Also in this area is full of tango clubs and Italian taverns.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America15

San – Carlos de Bariloche – a city in the foothills of the Andes, known for its atmosphere and Swiss chocolate shop. The city, with its multitude of mountains and lakes, is the perfect place for skiing, hiking, water sports hiking and climbing to the top.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America16

Perito Moreno is a huge glacier, located in the Los Glaciares National Park. This is one of the most important tourist attractions in Argentina.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America17

Iguazu Falls is on the border between Brazil and Argentina.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America18

Most visitors reach this place from the Argentine side, through the town of Puerto Iguazu. Iguazu Falls complex includes 275 waterfalls.

Argentina - a sunny country in South America19

It was a review of some of the sights of Argentina, stay tuned for updates and we’ll tell you about the many other interesting places in the country.