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Balboa Park, San Diego, USA


Incredibly beautiful Balboa Park which is the heart of San Diego, the Park larger than Central Park in New York and positioning itself like one of the oldest and most beautiful US parks!

Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)1
In the park there is a large number of various museums, such as the car museum, the museum of art galleries, etc. In addition to the park are placed 4 beautiful theaters. One of them is made in the English style of the 15th century, as the creators of Balboa Park will surprise unusual theater “Starlight” – the open-air theater.

Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)4

Balboa Park surprising uniqueness and diversity of the gardens, this is a fabulous Japanese Garden designed to the smallest detail and favorite locals spacious green lawns.

Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)3

It would be unfair not to mention about Aerospace Museum, it’s a large and unique collection of copies and original aircraft and spacecraft machines.


This wonderful park is also home of the most beautiful animals of the world famous “San Diego Zoo” clean, well-groomed and beautiful animals cages with beautiful combination of greenery, the best card of any zoo and the “San Diego Zoo” have it all.


In the park there are located international cottages named as “House Of Pacific Relations”, small houses for 30 different nations, they will introduce guests of the park with art and traditions of different countries. The “House Of Pacific Relations” was created in 1935, for friendly relations between the peoples who inhabit the United States.

Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)9
Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)12

Also, I advise to visit the park on weekends, there should be all open, a lot of visitors, all kinds of free concerts, selling a variety of goods.

Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)5

I would like to mention the biggest street organ that is located in Balboa Park, for lovers of organ music this is a real find.

Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)8

Balboa Park is also called Treasure Island of San Diego – theaters, botanical gardens, shops, museums, restaurants, the zoo – everyone here can find something special for yourself.

Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)6

If you are going to visit Balboa Park you will surely remember the spacious green lawns, flower gardens and all sorts of incredible architecture of the buildings thought to the smallest detail.

Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)7
Balboa Park (San Diego, U.S.A.)11
Balboa Park Time-Lapse