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Bali: Magic Island In Asia


Bali – it is one and the most popular resorts in our time. Gorgeous beaches, cheap SPA-procedures, rich nature and unique landscape – that’s what most attracts tourists from around the world to Bali.

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Attraction of Bali – the city and the administrative capital of Denpasar. Green is a quiet town with a lot of different monuments and museums. In the clean and cozy town of Bali should definitely visit the museum ethnics Negen-Propinsi and visit area art Taman Budaya Vedi.

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At the heart of the island is also a lot of interesting and exciting. Here are some of them: the Mother Temple, the Temple of the Heart of the Lake Pedzhengi rock temples, and a lot of architectural heritage. In addition, you should definitely go next to the legendary volcano Mount Batur, Kintamini and Gunung Agung. And around one of the extinct volcanoes is a wonderful botanical garden! And one of the favorite places for tourists is the Git-Git (waterfall of forty meters).

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Stop no problem in the Bali hotel, which will please the quality of service. Such hotels in Bali more than enough. This hotel is located next to the beaches, which are often owned by the hotel. Accordingly, vseplyazhnaya equipment is already included in the holiday. Although there is in Bali and municipal beaches, and they are no worse than private ones.
Fans look after themselves Indonesians recommend to experience the obertyvaniyamorskimi mud, soak in a fragrant flower bath, go for a swim in the pool with some water therapy and feel the charm of more than 20 types of massage.

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If you want to learn more about Bali, do not limit yourself heckling in the hotel or on the beach. It is necessary to go on the island, go to his village to attend the local festivities. Tourist, if it at least a little familiar with the peculiarities of Asia, will soon notice that between Bali and all the other islands of Indonesia there is a fundamental difference, which is manifested even superficially in the everyday environment, in lifestyle and in the conduct of the holidays.

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Bali is located on the border between tradition and progress. In the world of the clergy and the ancestors of the world, it seems these priests, or stored in the memory of future generations. This world, which is opposed to the world of ideas that exist in the Indonesian capital – Jakarta. Submissions relating to the development of all states located on several thousand islands, trudnoobozrimogo state in which, finally, there are very different levels of culture. Jakarta and Denpasar – the capital of Bali – shared not only by the distance of more than a thousand kilometers, and more than a thousand years of evolution of cultural and religious outlook.

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Hallmark Balinese rice farmers have rice terraces, as an example of diligence order and aesthetics. The slopes and foothills, a chain stretching across the island from east to west like a spine, are fertile land, watered an extensive system of river tributaries.

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View offers a great landscape, starting from the mountain passes through Lake Batur. It extends further to the south and southwest, suddenly gives way to steppe. It Benoa peninsula. Wide southern coast of Bali, where salt is mined and bred sea turtles go into rock formations that descend on the southern tip of the sea cliffs up to eighty meters.

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The island not only gives everyone the opportunity to sunbathe on the beaches and stay in luxury hotels, but also to become better acquainted with the local culture and traditions. Some of them may not be easy to surprise, and even a bit of a shock. Can you imagine any European or American, who would have laughed at the funeral? Unless some crazy afford such.

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Walking around the island will give a lot of positive emotions travelers. Any tourist will be interesting to unravel the mystery baskets, scattered in various places on the island. They usually lay flowers and cookies. Sometimes there are baskets with rice and flowers. All this is a treat for the spirits, which are considered the Balinese live alongside humans. Spirits feeding three times a day, making offerings to them and praying, was removed from the Balinese themselves and their families failure and unhappiness.

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One of the most sacred temples of the island is considered to Tanah Lot. Its peculiarity is that the church does not seem built on the ocean, but as it grew out of the rock. To go up to him and feel his sacred power, protects the island from the treacherous sea maidens have to wait for low tide.

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The raging around the ocean gives the sacred atmosphere of this place. It is impossible not to feel that the whole island is permeated with faith in the spirits of local residents. That is what attracts many tourists here. After all, there are the beaches and the ocean, and in other places, but a reverent attitude to nature and a sincere admiration for the spirits can be found only on this Indonesian island.

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