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Brazil: A Country Of Eternal Holiday


Brazil is considered one of the most attractive countries for tourists thanks to the wonderful climate, unique nature, different types of relaxation, friendly population and many other factors, of which you and learn in this article.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday1

The golden beaches of Rio de Janeiro, dense jungles of the Amazon, the roar of refreshing waterfalls, thin and tart flavor of coffee – this is Brazil’s attractions that attract thousands of tourists from all corners of our planet.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday2

Rio de Janeiro – a wonderful city. The locals (Carioca) is proud to call him a “beautiful city”, saying that creating it, the Lord has outdone itself. It is not an exaggeration. Rio is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The combination of colors of the southern green mountains and blue sea and sky, plenty of sun all year round, the extraordinary beauty of Guanabara Bay with numerous islands, beaches of Copacabana, Ipanama, Leblon – all this leaves a lasting impression with the desire to enjoy this magic forever. Rio de Janeiro never sleeps.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday3

After the pleasant hours spent on the golden sands of the beach at the clear blue waters of the Atlantic ocean in the afternoon, dinner in a typical Brazilian barbecue restaurant, (barbeque), where for the whole evening you fed meat and salads, just a sin to sleep. Nightlife Rio de Janeiro – a separate conversation. It offers nightclubs and bars, numerous shows, discos and restaurants.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday4

At night you can see Jesus Christ on Corcovado mountain, soaring over the city with open arms and wings, as if hugging you and protecting against all adversity.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday5

After sunset, the rhythms of samba chase you. Carioca can not stand still at the sound of rousing music. The Brazilian Carnival – is another miracle. Founded in 1502 by the Portuguese, Rio de Janeiro is already the 4th century the capital of beauty and tourism in South America.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday6

Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is definitely symbolic, and the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer 38 meters in height. To the top of the hill you can get rail tracks or walking. This is definitely a place that no one who came to Brazil can not miss!

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday7

Tourists climb to see the statue and enjoy the view of the city that is truly breathtaking. The statue of Christ with outstretched arms looks as though it gives a blessing, inspiring everyone around. This is the most important place in the city and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Brazil.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday8

Along with the statue of Jesus, Brazil is known worldwide for the annual carnival, which starts each year before Lent. This magnificent holiday – an incredible party with about 2 million members dancing in the streets with colorful costumes, music and spirit that can not be expressed in words. There are different schools of dance, which show on a beautiful parade of their best performances and most enchanting costumes. There is also competition between the samba schools, because they all participate with a maximum of passion and dedication to make the best show. A stay at the carnival unforgettable!

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday9

One of the most famous attractions of Brazil – Iguazu Falls. It is a miracle of nature that can not be missed. The waterfall is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina, and their beauty makes them one of the most famous waterfalls in the world.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday10

Horseshoe shape, height and powerful streams of water make it a place worth seeing. The picturesque natural environment, the contrast between light blue thundering water on a green background makes the observer to forget about time and just bow down before this creation of nature!

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday11

Amazon Rainforest is spread over several countries, but the biggest part is in Brazil – approximately 60% of the Amazon jungle.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday12

Of course, you need to admire the forest due to many factors, the variety of flora and fauna that can only be found here, and the special charm of nature, which is not destroyed by human hand. Spread out along the Amazon River, the rainforest provides great views and opportunities for excursions and river cruises.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday13

Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio – definitely one of the wonders that nature has created a hand to show us their potential and make the world into a great beauty and harmony. The name of the mountain appeared, because it really looks like a sugar-loaf.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday14

Tourists in large numbers are enjoying the beauty of the view, watching this natural attraction. You can also enjoy an excursion on the cable car, from where breathtaking views open.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday15

Copacabana – 4-km long beach in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most famous beaches in the world.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday16

Beach – a place where tourists can enjoy a pleasant vacation with the sun and water, or have fun in countless adventures and water sports.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday17

This site gathers millions of people for the annual celebration of New Year’s Eve, when arranged unforgettable party. At the two ends of the beach there are historical forts, which only increase the charm of the place!

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday18

Lago Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon is on the south side of Rio de Janeiro surrounded by famous beaches of Copacabana, Botafogo, Ipanema. View of a beautiful lagoon with two islands in its both ends is really fantastic. Surrounded by parks, bars and all kind of amazing places where tourists can feel comfortable Lago is attracting more people and is entitled to be listed among the top attractions of Brazil, which is worth a visit.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday19

All who are passionate about eco-tourism and beautiful scenery, heard about the National Park Chapada Diamantina. It is a beautiful place, porytoe caves and strange rock formations, crystal water lakes and pristine green forest, attracts all lovers of adventure and it was declared a national park in 1980. Exotic plants and various species make it absolutely incredible and desirable destination for anyone who appreciates diversity and the uniqueness of nature.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday20

Pantanal – a vast area extending along the central part of the continent in Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, which is known for its rich collection of reservoirs, rivers, small and large, that cross it and filled with life.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday21

Different species find their home among the breathtaking diversity of tropical forests, savannas and spectacular scenery.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday22

The Pantanal is full of life especially in the rainy season, but even in the dry season are ponds full of water and giving life to countless animals. Pantanal – Brazil preferred attraction for all those who love nature!

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday23

Cathedral of Brasilia – an amazing building designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The cathedral was completed in 1970 and became the seat of the Archdiocese of Brazil. Amazing building is the symbol of Brazil. really impressive building, constructed from 16 concrete pillars, each of which weighs 90 tonnes!

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday24

The roof of the great buildings made of glass, so that was kind of open to the sky. Statues and sculptures are also forced to hold his breath for the visitors. Brazil’s Cathedral is definitely worth a visit. This is one of the most unusual cathedral in the world, of which the site has a separate article.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday25

Crystal Palace or Palacio de Crystal is located in Petropolis, State of Rio de Janeiro. Petropolis was founded by Emperor Pedro II. Architecture and a large number of channels of the city fascinates tourists.
Brazil - a country of eternal holiday26

The Crystal Palace was built in the XIX century. The building has become a classic example of buildings erected by modern technologies at the time. The best engineers of the country participated in the construction of the palace. It is made of metal and glass on the latest technologies of the XIX century. Palacio de Crystal used for various celebrations. It is here that people are going to the highest circles, to socialize, to dance or listen to music.

Brazil - a country of eternal holiday27