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Bucharest, Romania


Bucharest is the capital of Romania. According to Romanian, Bucharest literally means “Owning a kind of Bukura”.

Bucharest was founded in 1459, in 1659 it became the capital of the Principality of Wallachia, and after the unification of all principalities in the year 1862, the common capital of Romania.

The most interesting is in the old town, there are many historical monuments.

This part of Bucharest acquired its present appearance between 1870 and 1920, turning from the village into a real European city.

Most of the houses of that time were built with the participation of French architects, so Bucharest is sometimes called “little Paris”.

Under Ceausescu’s rule, part of the old City had to be demolished, in order to build new buildings, the most impressive of them was the House of Parliament, which stands in the center of the city on the square.

It was originally conceived as the largest building in the world, nowadays it is inferior only to the Pentagon in the United States.

Bucharest even has a triumphal arch. It’s standing on Kiselev Avenue. The arch was established in 1922, in memory of the battles of the Romanian Army in 1916-1918.

Many old churches are preserved in the city. For example, the Church of Stavropoleos, which was built in the year 1724, its frontal part is supported by six columns of carved stone.

In the city there are many places where you can relax in silence-green parks and the botanical garden near the palace Cotroceni.