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Bukovel, Ukraine: One Of The Cheapest Ski Resort In Europe


The Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains is a place where the original beauty, natural harmony and wealth of the earth are saved is more than anywhere else, in the heart of the mountains, at an altitude of over 920 meters above sea level, based a ski resort complex “Bukovel”. It’s name comes from the mountain of the same name with a height of 1129 meters, which is located near the village of Polyanytsya.

The trails are laid on specially prepared slopes with a grass base. All tracks are equipped with snow cannons and are protected from direct sunlight, therefore snow lasts longer than in other places. Trails are prepared for skiing with special snow-dusting and snow-tamping equipment.
Slopes lighting allows you to ride in the evening.

Map of the skiing tracks in Bukovel 2017-2018

Classification of trails by colors (difficulty levels)
Blue is simple (usually suitable for children and adults who has a simple level of skiing and snowboarding)
Red is medium (here it will be comfortable for a beginner, and not already bored for an experienced skiers and snowboarders)
Black is advanced (for well-trained, experienced skiers, there are very steep and dangerous slopes, trails are handled by a ratrak)

Ski Pass prices in 2018:
1 day (08:30 – 16:30) – 33$
Evening riding (15:00 – 19:30) – 8$