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Canada: The Second Largest Country In The World


CANADA – the second largest (after Russia) country in the world, occupying the northern part of North America, bordered by land only with the United States to the south and north-west, as well as having access to the waters of three oceans: the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic.

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Country’s name comes from the word «Kanata», in the language of Laurentian Iroquois village meant. Indians lived in the area of modern Quebec City; later (in 1600), the extensive area of the Great Lakes in the south to the coast of the Arctic Ocean became shown on charts of Canada.

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In 1867, Canada became independent (actual) from the UK, and this status was legally confirmed only in 1982. The main attraction of the country is its unique majestic nature

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(Niagara Falls in the south, boundless steppes and forests in the center and east of the country, rugged mountains in the south-west, and of course the wild taiga and tundra, along with fishing on numerous full-flowing rivers and lakes in the north).

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Ottawa – Canada’s capital. Located in eastern Ontario on the shores of the Ottawa River, which forms the border between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Ottawa – the fourth largest city in the country and the second largest city in Ontario.

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Ottawa today is a well-groomed, a beautiful city with many museums and beautiful architectural structures built in the ancient and ultra-modern styles.
In Ottawa, the most beautiful government complex in the world – Parliament Hill.

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Parliamentary Library

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CN Tower, located in Toronto, recently considered the tallest building in the world and still serves as a vivid picture of one of the wonders of the world. Unforgettable memories in your mind leave lunch at the panoramic restaurant, the TV tower at a height of 351 meter.

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Be sure to visit Toronto Banff National Park.

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This location is ideal for exploring the diverse wildlife and enjoying the true beauty of the Canadian landscape.

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In addition, the Toronto Zoo is with animals from different countries, which serves as a perfect place to spend time as a family. Every year it attracts crowds of tourists to Canada.

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Traditionally worth visiting Vancouver.

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Parliament of British Columbia in the style of Victorian Gothic Revival

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and impressive even at the Chateau Frontenac photo in Quebec.

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Also be sure to visit Montreal. This area of the Old Port in Montreal with the market Bonsekur

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Notre-Dame de Montréal and its Blue altar

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St Joseph’s Oratory on Mount Mont-Royal

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This is only the main points of interest in Canada, in fact they are simply an infinite number.

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