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Israel: Biblical Promised Land


Birthplace of three religions, biblical Promised Land, the birthplace of many peoples and civilizations, the territory of Israel and today attracts millions of tourists with its historical monuments and mix of cultures. Also contribute to this unique natural conditions of the Dead Sea, dozens of modern seaside resort coasts of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, as well as picturesque landscapes of the Negev or harsh Judean Mountains.

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Tel Aviv – Israel’s largest city and one of the most visited tourist destinations. Almost merged with Tel Aviv Jaffa (Yafo) – one of the main ports of ancient Israel and one of the oldest cities in the world.
Tel Aviv – a young city, both young and the State of Israel itself. Therefore, in Tel Aviv no vintage attractions, no castles and palaces. But there are oyster bars, eclectic architecture, great beaches, nightclubs and disco, expensive shops – all you will just be able to see on Tel Aviv’s seafront.
Along the waterfront in the 3-4 tier hotels are located, from luxurious to the extremely high prices to the most common available to any traveler.

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Holy Sepulcher – one of the holiest shrines of Christianity, built on the spot where, according to the Scriptures, was crucified, buried and resurrected Jesus Christ. Calm this place has never been.
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Crusaders fought for the church, he kept it passed into the hands of the Christian, the Muslim rulers, its walls are repeatedly destroyed and burnt earth.

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Dead Sea – a unique resort on the planet, located in Israel.

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The water is rich in Dead Sea salts, various minerals and trace elements, these components are almost several times higher than the norm, because carry water treatment is recommended only in designated areas, otherwise you can harm your health.

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The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem – in the full sense of the word special. Even if you do not not believe in anything, you can not remain indifferent and did not feel in this place. It’s inexplicable, but special, causing palpitations, chills, and frightened awe concentrated energy namolennoe place literally oozes from every crack walls – walls, having seen and heard too much and too different, the wall that said, despite the seeming impartiality everyone says it.

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Anointing Stone – one of the main Christian shrines, which is located in front of the Holy Sepulcher. It is on this stone placed the body of the crucified Christ, and this is where Joseph and Nicodemus made over the body anointed with myrrh and aloes.
A huge number of pilgrims come to this holy place. Each touches a stone and puts it on things that would bless. Stone wall in front of the main temple of the Resurrection Cathedral and is a slab of pale pink marble.

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Church of the Nativity – one of the main and revered Christian shrines. Every day, thousands of pilgrims come here.
The church was built on the supposed site of the birth of Jesus Christ. The first temple was built by Emperor Constantine in the thirties of the IV century AD. In 529, the temple was destroyed after the rebellion Samaria. When restoration of the temple by the Emperor Justinian was expanded. When the Crusaders especially esteemed temple and was decorated. It is worth noting that, despite the numerous invasions of the city, the temple has never been completely destroyed.

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Calvary – one of the most revered Christian shrines, the rock where Jesus Christ was crucified.
Earlier Calvary was outside the city walls, it is now one of the parts of the Holy Sepulcher. Calvary became a place of worship during the reign of Constantine the Great. Following the restructuring, which took the Crusaders in the XI century, Calvary virtually unchanged.

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One of the most impressive and famous lookouts Jerusalem is located on Mount or Mount of Olives.
Mountain high seven hundred ninety-three meters is the highest of the mountains surrounding the city. In the past, with the top of the mountain with torches to transmit signals to Babylon.
Arranged on the mountain large observation deck is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It has a magnificent view of the Old City, Mount Zion, the Kidron Valley and the northern part of Jerusalem. Time to go up to the site is approximately twenty minutes. Near the lookout situated Jewish cemetery, which was formed in the era of the First Temple.

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The Mount of Olives is also the name of Olives. It is located at an altitude of one thousand two hundred meters above sea level. The mountain slopes are planted with olives, and so it got its name.
The Mount of Olives has three peaks, the highest of which – Mount Ascension. According to biblical tradition, it is with her Jesus Christ ascended into heaven.
Mount of Olives – the highest of the mountains that surround Jerusalem. For tourists there is a beautiful observation deck, which offers wonderful views of the city.

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Old City of Jerusalem – the oldest part of one of the most ancient cities in the world. Until the mid-XIX century represented, in fact, the entire city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem – the center of several religions, for here are extremely important holy places: the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre, the Dome of the Rock, Al-Aqsa Mosque.
In fact, the Old Town is a UNESCO Heritage solid: in addition to the holy places, the city is rich in cultural – historical landmarks.

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Ensemble Baha’i Gardens is part of the Baha’i Temple. Baha’i religion quite young – a little over a hundred and fifty years – and, nevertheless, is widely distributed throughout the world. Baha’is believe in the holy advance peace in the world, and if the Bahai Gardens embody the beauty and harmony which should reign after blissful change …

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On the central terrace gardens located tomb in which lie the remains of the founder of the Baha’i church; it stretches from nine to the top of the mountain terraces and nine – to the foot.

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And this luxurious buildings covered cascade of pure white marble, bronze sculptures of birds and flowers, and, of course, the magnificent collection of plants, which are chosen so that at any time, the gardens cover fragrant flowers …

Official opening of the Eighth wonder of the world took place only in 2001. Gardens were erected solely on donations Baha’is, and no material contributions from the uninitiated were not accepted. But to walk in the shadow of their blooming alleys and rest near babbling fountains can each; visitors gardens presented only one demand – closed clothing.

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Ein Bokek – it is a known resort area in Israel, on the west coast of the Dead Sea. The resort can be called a wellness area, here are the balneotherapy and spa centers, swimming pools, beaches, trenanazhernye halls and playgrounds. There are also plenty of comfortable hotels, cafes, bars and restaurants.

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Uniqueness of the resort is that most of the hotels have their own health centers, offering courses and sulfurous mud baths, massages, inhalation, various beauty treatments.

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Under the supervision of specialists in local clinics have a chance to get rid of skin diseases such as vitiligo, dermatitis and psoriasis, from postural disorders and rheumatism, as well as from some pathologies of the central nervous, immune and endocrine systems.

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