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Cocos Islands: Lost World


Cocos Islands – 27 small islands in the Indian Ocean with a total area of 14.3 sq.km. and a population of just over 600 people.


The islands were discovered in 1609 and remained uninhabited until the 19th century, when British sailors Kloniz John Ross founded a settlement on the southern island, and announced that the territory of the islands are owned by his family.


And so it continued until the mid-20th century.


However, most of the islands and remained assigned to the family Kloniz Ross. Moreover, the management of the island, in fact, is an example of the feudal system, where family members of the owner actually exploited the few inhabitants of the islands, mostly Malaysians.


After Australia in 1955 won the right to manage the islands, the government forced the family members Kloniz Ross to sell all the land of the islands.


The deal amounted to 6.25 million. Australian dollars and the condition of the transaction was a guarantee that the family estates of the family to remain in its possession. Of course, this did not happen, and in 1983 the head of the family was evicted from the island.


The reason – the Australian Government is obliged to provide naval vessels for his family needs, which led to the bankruptcy of the port. But family members continue to live on the Cocos Islands, and only John Kloniz Ross moved to the mainland to Australia.


Of the 27 inhabited islands, only two – the western and northern. West Island is the capital, though less densely populated. On nemnahoditsya airport, and the village is engaged in its service.


Most of the population are Malays, while on the northern island “Home island” in the village of Bantam live mainly Europeans.


It should be noted that the Europeans brought to the indigenous culture of big changes. Firstly, all the two schools on the Cocos Islands are learning English to supplant the traditional Malay natives.


Secondly, the population of the islands is traditionally clearly demarcated in the north live exclusively native Europeans, on the southern island – Malays.


This is some discrimination against the indigenous population, however, does not lead to resentment on their part. Although it is possible that these facts are somewhat exaggerated. But in order to maintain law and order on the islands of the police acts, consisting of 5 persons.


Cocos Islands suggested, and later confirm the theory of the formation of the atolls in the world’s oceans. Here in 1863 at the British research ship “HMS Beagle” came the young Charles Darwin.


Research appearance of the island and the geological findings were ultimately made in the scientific works of the scientist. It showed Beagle voyage on the true story of the emergence of atolls and volcanic islands in general.


In the last decade on the Cocos Islands is actively developing tourism. It is connected with the presence of air travel, and of course, excellent conditions for recreation.


At the disposal of a person is not only beautiful weather most days of the year, but the rich and varied fauna. Coral reefs are the oases of traditional life in the ocean, and Cocos Islands are no exception.


But the main attraction of Cocos Islands – an ideal place for surfing.


This flock the biggest fans of this type of holiday. Especially memorable moments tourists call riding the waves in the northern part of the lagoon. Places are chosen here mantle over them and asking people on the board long enough impressions.