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Perhaps even those who know little about America, certainly heard of the state of Florida. It is no coincidence. Florida is located on the east coast of the United States, where he held a large peninsula. Deserved vacation in Florida has earned a huge popularity among tourists. It seems that everything is set up for the fact that any person, who turned out on the land wanted to come back here again and again.

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The climate is mostly subtropical Florida, however, sub- state, it goes into a tropical – there’s even hotter. However, as it turns out, unbearably hot days of summer in the south of Florida State knows far less than non-North, which is under the influence of ocean breezes. Actually, the weather – a factor that plays a role in the choice of destinations, and leads in Florida many visitors, not only in summer but also in winter. So, in the cold season, Florida State Statistics forecasters is one of the warmest places in the United States: The State of Florida is not for nothing called the “Sunshine State of the United States”. The average temperature in Florida in the winter, the average is 18-21 Celsius. The so-called “rainy season” is recorded in the region during the period from late July to November. In autumn and spring temperatures in the state is close to ideal.

Thus, vacation in Florida is relevant in any season. However, the geographical area of the State of Florida have their differences, which would be interesting to know who is going to visit these places. For example, the east coast stretches for 660 km beaches, washing the Atlantic Ocean and 1,000 km – Gulf of Mexico. Due to this fact the east coast regularly consider paradise for surfers. The cities of the State of Florida, as Fort Lauderdale, Daytona, Key West, and of course, Miami, became the real corners of rest for many Americans and visitors alike. These cities are definitely a tourist destination, so it does not know the shortage of hotels, restaurants and all the other institutions that are included in the general system of recreation.

The western beaches of Florida have their own specificity: they are chosen by the family, usually with small children as the water in the sea is warmer still, and the depth at the entrance to the sea for a long time remains small.

Holidays in Florida, many associated with the entertainment park of Walt Disney. That is why the central part of the state of Florida does not know the lack of tourists: It is here that it is a miracle the entertainment industry.

Just for the sake of Disneyland, many opt for a vacation in Florida. Furthermore, in the center of Florida, known are a major agricultural field plantations oranges and other fruits and vegetables.

South Florida is in large parts of the territories occupied by tropical jungle and vast swamps. South of Miami is Evergleyds National Park – the area habitat of various species of water birds and manatees, alligators, mountain lions and other animals.

By the way, among other attractions Florida is also famous for the Museum of the National Aeronautics and Space Research. Known to all Cape Canaveral, which we often hear in the news reports, launches into orbit U.S. satellites and space vehicles.

In the state of Florida is also a chain of islands called the Florida Keys – south of Miami. The islands are connected by bridges and a total length of about 240 km. Note that the island chain are the most coral reefs.

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If you want a vacation in Florida with unforgettable cultural experiences and familiarization, you will need to visit Miami. Police Museum – the world’s only three-story complex – Aquarium Sikvarium, known for its marine shows featuring not only dolphins but also sea lions, whales, sharks, Zoo Metro Zoo, where they live and white tigers, and koalas, and elephants and lions, rhinos, etc., Parrot Jungle – garden – jungle parrots (there are more than a thousand different species of birds and more plants), jungle monkeys Evergleyds above, the island Key West, famous as the capital of the pirates, where, apart from others have a museum of wonders and house-museum of Ernest Hemingway – all this can not fail to leave a lasting good impression on vacation in Florida.

Hemingway House (Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum), Key West, Florida Keys, Florida USA

Orlando, located in the center like the Miami of Florida, will give you first of all complexes Disney parks, as well as «Universal Studios Escape», where you can feel like the heroes of the famous Hollywood movies. Among other places of tourist voyage – Islands of Adventure (entertainment and adventure park), Sea World – Marine Park, «Wet’n Wild» – water park and amusement, Church Street – a place of entertainment with cabaret night, show westerns, etc. Museum of Astronautics and others.

In the north, State of Florida will offer you to visit its capital – the city of Tallahassee, which is one of the largest centers of education in the state. To the east of the city – Jacksonville – it is the financial center of the state.

If you want a relaxing beach holiday, it is best to head to St. Petersburg, on the west coast of Florida. However, do not worry, even in this peaceful and quiet town, or nearby, where immensely pleased seaside holiday, is where to go. For example, you can impress Botanical Gardens in Tampa – it’s just half an hour from St. Petersburg, and if you’re a lover and connoisseur of fine art, you should definitely visit the Salvador Dali museum, because it collected the richest collection of works by the Spanish artist. St. Petersburg is also proud of the Historical Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Thus, Florida has all the wealth that can attract the interest and curiosity of people of different generations and tastes. Arts and Entertainment – Main dominant holiday in Florida, which, perhaps, no one can remain indifferent.