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Indonesia: Wonderland With Many Beautiful Islands


Sandy hottest beaches, majestic mountains, hot tropics, ancient monuments, picturesque local customs – is Indonesia! Is a country in Asia, it is composed of many beautiful islands, each of which is good in its own way. Attractions states affect its scale and beauty. And 10 of them are considered to be the most interesting.
On the island of Java, be sure to visit 3 places.

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Buddhist Borobudur Temple
This is one of the major monuments of antiquity. The construction of a temple complex in the form of a stepped pyramid, which is crowned by a gigantic stone stupa. The path from the lower levels to the top is a spiral, and is 5 kilometers. The temple has images of Buddha everywhere, thousands of bas-reliefs tell the story of his life, previous incarnations.

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Bromo volcano
On the island of Java is another place that tourists love. This Mount Bromo, located in the national park. Its height is slightly less than two and a half kilometers. Bromo volcano is considered active, but it is quite safe to climb. From its summit you can see the amazing scenery of the island, and offers a wonderful view of the neighboring volcanoes.

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The temple complex of Prambanan
Prambanan – an ancient and largest temple complex in the country. It’s not just a few plants, and the whole city Buddhist and Hindu temples majestic. The most popular among tourists Dzhongrang Lara complex. It includes three large temple, each dedicated to a different god: Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The most remarkable part of the complex – the frescoes and bas-reliefs, which depict characters and scenes of the Indian epic creativity “Ramayana”.
Bali … Many people dream to visit this paradise of sun, sea and greenery.

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Sanur Beach Resort
One of the most famous resorts of the island is Sanur. Along the coastline runs the local beach. This distance is approximately 5 kilometers. In parallel, the road on which the walk, tourists and locals. The depth of the coastal waters is low, moreover, they are protected by coral reefs. So, Sanur – a perfect place for a relaxing holiday with the kids.

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Seminyak Beach Resort
It is the most fashionable and bustling resort island of Bali. A large number of beaches, luxury villas, shopping malls, night parties, fashion shows make the resort one of the busiest in the world. Also, it is considered a good place for surfing.

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The temple Pura Tanah Lot
This small building is one of the most remarkable on the island of Bali. Temple is located in the sea on a rock, and most of the time approaches to it are closed by water. But at low tide on the temple offers very picturesque views, and it can be approached by a narrow isthmus. According to local belief temple protects the island and its inhabitants from the evil spirits of the ocean, and does not allow them to go ashore.

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Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud
Reserve under the same name located in the center of the island. It is home to many monkeys, which people of Indonesia are considered sacred animals. The monkeys are accustomed to tourists and absolutely not afraid of them. They are happy to pose for the camera lens and the camera, take a treat from the hand. However, you have to be careful with things: monkeys can grab jewelry, hats, clocks. So it is better to remove them away during a visit to this wonderful forest.
In the Indonesian capital, Jakarta also has attractions.

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National Monument Indonesia
The monument is located in the center of Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia), it was built almost 40 years ago in memory of the struggle for Indonesian independence during the colonial slavery. The height of the stele is equal to 137 meters, and it is crowned by a bronze sculpture of a flame, which is covered with gold. At the top of the monument is a kind of playground, with stunning views of the capital and its surroundings. You can climb it by stairs or elevator.

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Istiqlal Mosque
The mosque is located in Jakarta. It was built after Indonesia became an independent state. So the people of the country thanked God for showing mercy. The mosque is a rectangular building covered with a dome. Its diameter is 45 meters. Inside, everything is decorated very modest: a simple room with a small amount of geometric decorative parts made of aluminum.
And yet another place that is stunning for its beauty.

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Lake Toba
The island of Sumatra is famous for its lake Toba, the world’s largest body of water of volcanic origin. Its maximum depth is about half a kilometer. According to him constantly ply the ferries and boats, which carry tourists. This ensured the popularity of the lake scenic tropical pine forests. The lake water is clean and clear, so you can see the different colorful fish from time to time arise from the depths.

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