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Jordan: The Promised Land


Jordan – a unique country in the Middle East region. Repeatedly mentioned in the Old and New Testaments, it keeps the land, according to various estimates, from 16 to 20 thousand. Historical and cultural monuments of past eras.

Jordan - The Promised Land1

According to legend it was here creams and preach Jesus Christ, here Moses saw the Promised Land, where he died and was buried here lived numerous prophets and there were tens and hundreds of sacred to believers of many faiths events.

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After the land was a wave of many people who have left their mark both in architecture and in the cultour of Jordan.

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There splashing water warm red and healing the Dead Sea. And finally – this is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in the Arab world.

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The capital of Jordan is Amman.
Despite the fact that the first mention of it appeared in the thirteenth century. BC, the ancient buildings there is almost gone. In Amman, in the VIII. Earthquake, so much of the city was destroyed. For centuries, the city and lived in such a state only in the XVIII-XIX centuries Amman was restored, and he became a real cultural and commercial capital of Jordan.

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The most famous landmark in the capital – a Roman theater, which was built in 138- 161 years of our era, but survived to this day. It is called “Roman” because it was built during the reign of the Romans.

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The second most important architectural buildings is the sanctuary of the nymphs. It was built around the same time as the Roman theater during the reign of the Romans. Sanctuary survived until now thanks to the recovery in the XIX-XX centuries.

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The true treasure of Jordan is Petra. Tourists are amazed by its ancient monuments preserved.

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The first records of the city there were about 4 thousand years ago. The whole town is decorated with castles, tombs, ancient buildings and museums that house ancient artifacts.

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The main attraction of the city – a huge amphitheater, which seats more than 9000 people. Surprising solicitude residents of Jordan to historic buildings and monuments.

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Jordan – a country that has its own culture and flavor. It can be fun at any time of year, because there are so many beautiful places. One of them is Mount Nebo, which is considered sacred not only in Jordan but throughout the world.

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If you carefully read the Bible, we can see that it is on this mountain the prophet Moses died. Today, Mount Nebo is “Memorial of Moses” and the temple. There you can see the staff of the Prophet, a sculpture that symbolizes the greatness of God. The church was built sometime in the fifth century, and then it was restored many times. After a while, the church became a monastery. Staff of Moses, was built in the form of a snake that wraps around a post.

Jordan - The Promised Land12

It is safe to say that Mount Nebo would be an interesting place for pilgrims and ordinary tourists. From here you can enjoy views of the Dead Sea, Jordan enjoy the outdoors, watching from a distance to the Temple of Jerusalem. This attraction is also interesting because it is very close to it is the church of St. Lot and Procopius.

Jordan - The Promised Land13

For many of Jordan is primarily associated with the endless deserts and sizzling sun. But the harsh climate are not afraid of a string of tourists seeking here to witness the pride and the shrine city of Petra, Jordan. Peter – the once thriving capital of the now extinct state Nabataeans. Now, the “city of pink rocks” – a unique museum, created by the hands of an ancient people, deservedly belongs to the wonders of the world.

Jordan - The Promised Land14

Peter is located above the valley of the Arava. To get here can only overcome the narrow Siq gorge. This winding canyon length of about one kilometer. After the gorge, you can see the whole complex carved into the cliffs of temples, tombs, temples, festive hall, fleeing up the stairs, baths, shopping stalls, arches and simple homes. But at first sight appears a magnificent temple-museum of Al Khazneh. The facade is decorated with figures of his Amazons and mythical Medusa, images of Egyptian Goddess Isis and eagles and crowns all the urn, which according to legend were stored treasures of the pharaohs.

Jordan - The Promised Land15

Panoramic view of the pearl of Jordan opens with a “height” – the sacred places of the city, the place where in ancient times praised the gods. Every building in these places is unique, but special attention should also Ad Deir Monastery, Temple of the Winged Lions and Palace tombstones. Even for a brief overview of all the wonders of one day is not enough, because they survived more than eight hundred. Thus, the inclusion of Petra in the UNESCO World Heritage List at the end of the last century, looks quite natural.

Jordan - The Promised Land16

Jordan – an extraordinary country in the Middle East, which keeps the scientists estimate to 20 thousand cultural relics of past eras. Near the city of Aqaba is one of the unique places of the Jordanian desert of Wadi Rum. For centuries, under the influence of the wind and the sun formed an amazing landscape with unique rocks, arches and canyons. The mighty rock high above the towering red sand. Some of the peaks reach 1750 meters in height, which can rise to a well-trained climbers.

Jordan - The Promised Land17

No less vivid impressions can be obtained from travel gloomy gorges and colorful hills, which consist of the local Bunter Sandstone and sparkle in the sun like jewels. Some people like to spend the day on the back of a camel, a leisurely stroll through the desert, and pass the night under the sky with many huge stars about a Bedouin tent. However, most of today’s Bedouin prefer to move to the city, but, nevertheless, original Bedouin tents and now are found not only in the Wadi Rum, but also throughout Jordan.

Jordan - The Promised Land18

Arriving at the Reserve, you should definitely see the rock bridge Burda, located on the highest point of Wadi Rum, Lawrence well, “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, a Nabatean temple, and many more. The most beautiful time to visit the desert is considered to be spring, after a period when it rains delicious covered with greenery and a few months pleases flowers and birds. At this time, every step can be found blooming anemones, poppies and famous black iris, which has become a national symbol of Jordan.

Jordan - The Promised Land19

For tourists who want to swim in the clear Red Sea, enjoy teplymsolnyshkom and clean air, ideal resort of Aqaba. It is the most exotic and yuzhnyygorod and country.

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One of the most visited places of Jordan is the Dead Sea. Name, first, a little wary, but if you approach him, you can be charmed by its immense beauty. It is not too large, approximately 76 kilometers. It flows into the Jordan River and several streams. Dead Sea got its name from the fact that it contains too much salt, and except for a few bacteria in its water there is no one type of fish. It is closed and has no other sources of water.

Jordan - The Promised Land21

Today, the territory near the Dead Sea is almost settled, but according to ancient sources, there are five cities mentioned in the Bible. This region is considered holy ground, because it involves a lot of events. Believers argue that it was here the first time, God spoke to a man here, he gave Moses the Ten Commandments, and it is a place connected with the baptism of Jesus. This place is mentioned in the Bible as the “Garden of the Lord”, which means that it is on this earth was Eden.

Jordan - The Promised Land22

Dead Sea due to its evaporation creates a lot of nutrients, and therefore it since ancient times is considered curative. Iodine promotes healing well thyroid, calcium for pain calms and cleanses the skin, using magnesium person is able to breathe without difficulty and get rid of various allergic diseases.

Jordan - The Promised Land23

The Dead Sea is the hallmark of Jordan. Also called Salt. Indeed, in its waters a very high concentration of salt and not at all living organisms. Besides that. in the Dead Sea contains many minerals. Besides the fact that the Dead Sea is a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world, where you can improve your health and strengthen health. And the Dead Sea has a positive effect on the appearance.

Jordan - The Promised Land24

The smoothness and elasticity of the skin give the water hot springs and mud baths of. These properties of the Dead Sea were known in antiquity. In particular, the very queen Cleopatra VII actively used seafood. This was confirmed by the archaeological excavations.

Jordan - The Promised Land25

But even such unique properties of the Dead Sea does not restrict all its advantages. After all, in the vicinity of numerous remnants of ancient civilizations.
And where everyone can feel the connection with antiquity and enjoy its heritage. And it can be done all year round. After all, it is the center of the eternal summer, and there is almost a year sunny days.

Jordan - The Promised Land26

And it does not need to be embarrassed of his name. After all, the neighborhood of the most famous beach in the world full of life. Due to the fact that the Dead Sea is 400 meters below sea level, onoyavleyatsya the lowest place on Earth. The waters of the sea – a real storehouse of minerals. And along the coast is a large number of therapeutic mud. Also, there are many hot springs. This is combined with horoshimimi climate makes the Dead Sea one of the best resorts in the world.

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