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Las Vegas – a city in the U.S. state of Nevada, located in the center of the hot Mojave Desert. Permanently resident in a little more than half a million people. This is one of the world’s major strongholds of the entertainment industry – in the Las Vegas collected a record number of casinos, hotels, restaurants, concert halls and gaming halls. Most of them are concentrated in the center, along the main street of the Las Vegas Strip.

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Show of dancing fountains in front of the hotel Bellagio – the world famous spectacle and obligatory point program for all who come to Las Vegas. Jets of water moving to the music repertoire stable – popular themes from classical works, a little Broadway hits and timeless pop ballads.

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It is best to look at the fountains at night, when they illuminate. You can watch the show from the terrace of the hotel, but there are other places, breathtaking views, for example, the surrounding restaurants, located on the higher floors. There are, however, worse hear music.

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The main street is called the Las Vegas Strip or the “strip.” It is a bright showcase gambling, where there are dozens of casinos and hotels, interspersed with strip bars and nightclubs.

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In Vegas has its Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx with the Egyptian pyramids and even the Brooklyn Bridge. In the hotel as you can wander through museums, passing from one to another and looking unbelievable interiors.

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Dashing through the streets rushing white limousines, and half drunk people (in Vegas, unlike other places in the United States, can be to drink alcohol in the street) clarifies the relationship with slot machines.

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Paris hotel was conceived as a corner of France in the middle of Las Vegas. This intention was reduced mainly to reproduce the Eiffel Tower.

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A copy of half the original, in spite of this there is also an elevator and an observation deck and restaurant. A room overlooking the tower, so when a well-developed imagination, of course, you can imagine yourself in Paris.

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Theme Hotel and Casino New York-New York – ¬ębig apple”, but not the New York, which can come in now, and the city of the forties. There are some skyscrapers own Central Park (in this case, the lobby with slot machines) and its Park Avenue (this SPA-salon). Even the “roller coaster” performed here as a yellow New York taxis and restaurants offer New York pizza and hotdogs. In New York-New York are traditionally the best musicals.

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Luxor – undoubtedly the most recognizable hotel in Las Vegas. For that hotel owners have to thank the architects, gave the building the appearance of the pyramid at Giza and added to complete the picture of the Sphinx. “Egyptian” style is very conventional – can be found inside the modern Fast food and regular restaurants, nearly a dozen nightclubs with a striptease and without, bars, concert halls, as well as many floors of gambling. Roulette, cards, slot machines, bookmaker, “Wheel of Fortune” – where else to go in search of treasure, not in a pyramid?

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Hotel Caesar Palace – the one in which the heroes stayed movie “The Hangover.” This hotel filmed dozens of movies – from “Rocky 3” to “Rain Man.” And yet here is annually held World Series of Poker – the most prestigious of poker tournaments.

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Refers to the hotel is the most prestigious and lucrative concert venue in Las Vegas – “Coliseum” with a capacity of more than 4,000 people. On stage “Coliseum” performed by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and other world stars. In addition, like any Vegas hotel, Caesar Palace offers restaurants, beauty salons and showrooms.

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At the time of opening in 1990 Excalibur hotel was the biggest hotel in the world. Even now, he keeps in the top ten largest hotels in Las Vegas. Architectural and decorative theme of this hotel – King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

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Happy turrets “medieval castle” look grotesque and even quite ridiculous, but at night when they are lit from all sides, the view from the castle in Disney fairy. Brand hotel show – joust with feast.

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The hotel is well over four thousand rooms decorated “in the Venetian style.” In practice this means the maximum luxurious rooms, many precious fabrics, marble, gilding, murals and carved furniture.

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In The Venetian several dozen restaurants and two nightclubs, one of which – Tao – is one of the most profitable in the United States. Accordingly, at affordable prices can not count.

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It is said that in Arizona two miracles – the miraculous (Grand Canyon) and manmade (Hoover Dam). This is only partly true, because a unique dam on the Colorado River located on the border of Arizona and Nevada. Therefore, most of the 9 million tourists visiting the dam annually, coming from Las Vegas.

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Hoover Dam – one of the construction projects implemented in the United States during the Great Depression. Scale construction was driven by the need to create jobs, so that the dam fed a lot of families. Grand dam opened in 1935, that is, its construction took only five years.

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