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Lebanon: A Fairy Tale Of The Middle East


Lebanon – a small country that keeps the charm of the Middle East. Lebanon is located on the Mediterranean coast. The magnificent nature, pleasant Mediterranean climate and the variety of natural, cultural and historical affairs of Lebanon is very attractive for tourists from around the world. Visit all the sights of Lebanon for a visit to the country is extremely difficult. But you can appreciate the most famous of them.
Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East1

Among the natural attractions of Lebanon it is worth noting the famous caves of Jeita in Beirut, where the river flows the famous dog, beat many of underground keys and towering palisades of stalactites and stalagmites.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East2

Be sure to make time for a visit to the renowned gorge Nahr Kadish. He has such an incredible, breathtaking view, it seems that you get a moment to the mysterious and magical land. Very near to the gorge rises the ancient cedar forest, witness three thousand history of the planet.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East3

From man-made attractions worth mentioning Lebanon’s largest Roman temple of the world, the Temple of Bacchus, located in the ancient city of Baalbek.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East4

In June of travelers waiting for St Paul’s Cathedral and the famed statue of the Virgin Mary. In Tripoli – Abdel-Wahid Mosque and famous Balamand Monastery. Byblos – Church of St. John the Baptist and a museum of Kahlil Gibran.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East5

Be sure to visit in Beirut (the capital of Lebanon). You can enjoy the city’s sights and wonderful sandy beaches, also see the Cathedral of St. George, the Etoile, the famous village Muhaydse, Manara Lighthouse, Beiteddine Palace, the War Museum and much more.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East6

The Middle East is famous for its picturesque countryside and interesting people. Lebanon, a small country surprises its historical heritage and diversity of historical facts. To begin with, it should be noted that here there is the ancient city of Byblos, where according to legend invented the first alphabet. In addition, it is in Lebanon, the first craftsmen first learned to cook and make purple dye glass. Among other inventions Lebanese recipes can be noted the manufacture of soaps and shawarma.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East7

Tourist niche Lebanon seems inexhaustible, offering tourists rest on the Mediterranean coast, a colorful celebration of tradition and ski resorts. As a bonus plus for the trip – is the lack of visas and fast flight.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East8

I must say that Lebanon is a successful operator in the world of beach turizma.Zdes has everything for a relaxing holiday at the seaside. The most popular resorts – Tripoli, Sidon and Beirut, stretching for 225 km along the coast. In the southern side of the sandy beaches and to the north – rocky.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East9

The water in these areas clean, and you can spend hours taking sea and solnechnyevanny. However very beaches are paid in fee includes a set of services. Definitely, you should stay on the beach until sunset. At sunset here starts a riot discos.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East10

Your attention also should be paid to visit the Lebanese shops. Getting to this paradise of various souvenirs, jewelry and fashion stuff, you run the risk of seriously ill with a disease called “shopping”. You will enjoy the product of natural wood -kedra, scented soaps with various additives and various metal objects with embossed. And brought kettle or copper tray from Lebanon takes pride of place in your kitchen.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East11

Fans of clothing and fabrics, too, is something to see. Excellent Lebanese silk, traditional costumes and a variety of fashionable dresses will amaze you with their beauty. The shops and boutiques selling a truly fabulous outfits. Complete the picture alluring gold and silver jewelry by local artists.
After a shopping trip, you can note the purchase wines and delicious oriental sweets. Separate paragraph deserves Lebanese cuisine. It is a mix of Arab, Turkish and livanskihkuhonnyh recipes and traditions.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East12

There are more preferred, there are lamb and fish, preparing them in different ways. On a side dish served rice, vegetables, steamed or fresh nuts and potatoes. Interesting traditional dish – mezze – about 30 hot and cold appetizers. Very popular pies, baked with cheese, “Hummus” – chickpea pasta with spicy seasoning, “shish TUAC” – fried nagrile chicken with garlic and spices. East is a delicate matter, and touch to this amazing every traveler needs.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East13

Beaches in the country side by side with the ski resorts as well as stunning of protected pine groves and wine cellars full of delicious and aromatic beverage. Lebanese sweets known all over the world, as well as numerous fashionable boutiques that will please fans of pampered shopping. Many believe that it is through Lebanon are traces of Jesus and Ramses II.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East14

In this country, miraculously crossed just three climatic zones: moderate, continental and subtropical. This mysterious phenomenon is pleasing to the eye of any traveler: the summit and slopes of the mountains are gently wrapped soft snow, and at their feet spread a golden carpet of leaves. Nevertheless, on the beach, vacationers enjoying the warm sun.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East15

Beirut – Lebanon’s capital city, full of vivid club life. The streets of the city filled with expensive cars and beautiful girls dressed in European fashion. Beirut because of its beauty and romance, compared with Paris, and it is called the “Paris of the Middle East.”

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East16

In the countries of the Arabian Peninsula tan in vogue. Therefore, despite the fact that Lebanon is on the coast of the resort and is considered a country with a beach holiday it is not so easy.
Activities in Lebanon – is primarily incendiary club life, endless shopping and restaurants that are crammed with an abundance of a variety of dishes. Beach Hotels in Lebanon a little, and hotels with the regime of “all inclusive” and not at all. Because in this tiny country decided not dine in hotel cafes and restaurants.

Lebanon - a fairy tale of the Middle East17