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City of Los Angeles, California, USA – a paradise for the “rich and famous”. Here is the luxurious Beverly Hills, cozy “nest” of many famous actors, filmmakers and other okolokinoshnoy bohemians and the most famous in the world “Dream Factory” – Hollywood. However, the city is not living at the expense of the film industry – it is the largest industrial center of the country.

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Geographically, the city on the Pacific coast is not entirely successful – Los Angeles is located in the seismic zone; city ​​often “shakes”, and quite strong; Recently, the most devastating earthquake in 1994.

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When you fly to Los Angeles, the first think you’ve got a giant village – endless small houses, PRYTULA among the hills. Los Angeles is huge, its territory – 1200 square feet. km. However, there is practically no center, and most areas are built up one-story houses. The reason for that – quite frequent earthquakes. That’s similar to Los Angeles for a giant quilt made from a variety of patches. Every piece of it-area connects to other thread highway.

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The city has a regular layout and low-density development – the bulk of the population lives in private homes and villas. Tall buildings are concentrated in the central part (until 1956 law prohibited to build in the building above 45 m). Modern architecture is represented by a considerable variety of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, among which are the works of Frank Gehry (Walt Disney Concert Hall, the California Aerospace Museum, etc.), the African-American architect Paul Williams and innovator, Thom Mayne, Eric Moss and other famous architects.

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Many of the most popular tourist areas are located west of the city center. Tops the list of one of the city’s most famous areas of the planet – Hollywood and West Hollywood. Who once were the suburbs of Los Angeles, currently these areas turned into places where famous studios, the most fashionable shopping and nightlife.

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Widely known for the famous Sunset Strip with its “Avenue of Stars”, clubs and bars, as well as the Hollywood Bowl Museum (exhibition on various aspects of performing arts), Museum of entertainment, cinema-Chayniz Graumann (traditional site of many movie premieres), Museum of Modern art hotel “Roosevelt” (performed here first award “Oscar”), with its famous bar, Kodak Theatre (ceremony held here “Oscar” today), the famous store Collectors Book Store, Hollywood-Wax Museum or the Museum of lingerie Fredericks as well as dozens and hundreds of places that you can see firsthand in any of the movies are shot in abundance in the area.

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Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills was founded in 1906 by real estate salesperson Barton Green. In 1920, American actor Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford in 1919 moved to Beverly Hills. Soon Hollywood actors such as Gloria Swanson, Will Rogers, Charlie Chaplin, Tom Mix, Ronald Coleman, John Barrymore, Harry Cohn, Rudolph Valentino followed suit and built mansions in Beverly Hills.

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Residential quarter, where the amazing luxury mansions of movie stars and millionaires. The main streets of this district – Rodeo Drive, Wilshire and Sunset – A variety of shops, boutiques, art galleries, antique shops.

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This is the “area of ​​the rich and famous”, the place where Hollywood stars live, world-known designers, musicians and athletes, a place where the most expensive shops and salons, chic restaurants and gourmet cafes, finally, a place where people come from all over the world to gawk at celebrities and a little live their lives.

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Universal Studios
Spend an entire day. You can stay in the lead role of a film and get it as a gift on videotape, learn the secrets of stunning tricks in popular action movies, see “how to make movies,” to see an exciting show and, of course, ride in a “cool” rides “Back in the future, “” Jurassic Park, “” Shrek. ” Have, however, a couple of hours to stand in line, but believe me, it’s worth it!

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The one real, the first Disneyland. The park was opened on the idea of ​​Walt Disney in 1955 as “the happiest place on earth.”

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This park attracts in Los Angeles huge number of tourists. Every day here is up to 75 thousand people.

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Nominal center. It is here that the settlement was laid down, which gave birth to Los Angeles.

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The modern Olvera Street can enjoy traditional dancing Mexicans and buy interesting souvenirs.

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Center – the only place in Los Angeles, where many skyscrapers.

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Particularly impressive, they look at night.

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In the area of ​​Venice noteworthy beaches and canals-Ocean Front Walk with explicit “child” constantly held here oriented musical performances.

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In Pasadena – many old villas and Norton Simon Museum of Art in San Marino – library, museum and botanical gardens Huntington, an observatory, planetarium, zoo and Griffith Park (the largest urban park USA).

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And in Hancock Park (on Wilshire Boulevard – the city center) – the famous asphalt pits of La Brea Tar Pits, with a rich collection of fossils (artifacts found here are exhibited in the Museum of Natural History nearby Paget).

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Santa Monica Pier (1909-1916 gg.) Has long been rebuilt in the vast Pacific Park Amusement Park (Paspark) where you can find the old rides like carousel horses with gold handmade or Ferris Wheel Ferris, built in the early 1920s, and ultra lounge areas with developed infrastructure. In the neighborhood there are several excellent museums of modern art, newly renovated Boat House, as well as numerous marine restaurants, pubs, shops and fish market.

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Beaches in Los Angeles is not serene lounges with sun loungers and calm waters. That is, it is the beaches that are less developed resemble most Russians beach stereotypes.

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In this part of the Pacific Ocean is always bubbling water: no wonder Southern California – one of the best places to surf in the world. Water temperature is not the case of fresh milk. In general, the local beaches – for independent people who are prone to adventure and are not afraid of violent manifestations of nature.

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On the beaches, located both around Los Angeles, and in the city, officially banned nudity and drinking of alcoholic beverages. Log on most beaches is free.

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