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Madagascar: A Fantastic Reality


Madagascar – a beautiful island located in the eastern part of Africa, attracting tourists with beautiful waterfalls, impenetrable rainforests, exotic animals and lakes. Of course, there are on the island and its attractions.
One of the most unique parts of the Earth, a fragment of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana, Madagascar is a mini -continent, literally full of exotic life forms, many of which are found only here.

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The island is striking in their appearance – bright red laterite earth are the “foundation” of bright green vegetation, rocks formed by ancient mountain peaks, lakes and volcanic areas are interspersed with desert areas, many kilometers of beaches with limited land arrays relict forests, and the abundance of large rivers and erosion forms attached to the local topography even greater variety. And if you add to this the unique flora and fauna, which have no analogues in the world, as well as colorful local population, which is the unique “mixture” of the peoples of African descent and the Malaysian, you get just that, and that creates the glory of Madagascar as one of the “relict” places on the planet.

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Center of the island is located in the high plateaus (the Central Highlands, 700-1500 m above sea level) and is one of the most diverse terrain areas of the country – for the area is characterized by extensive mountain ranges, vast areas aligned plateau, broad valleys and an abundance of lakes. It is not surprising that it is here in the XVIII century. Andrianampuynimerina kingdom arose, which was the center of association of the Malagasy state. Here is the capital and the country.

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Madagascar’s main attraction – a unique wildlife, which is different from the African, the birthplace of the famous “tree of travelers”, there are more than 50 species of lemurs (from the Latin “lemure” – a ghost), in quiet rivulets plain creepy crocodiles live up to 3 meters in length, forests inhabited by thousands of species of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.
Madagascar – a huge park in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Natural Paleontological Museum. Before the traveler open beyond the control of any person or semi- open spaces of time, where there are baobabs, spine-like plants and cacti, green and red hills, with which grow on them in abundance insectivorous plant – Nepenthes, miles of beaches, forests full of exotic flowers – everywhere you can find blooming ravenaly and orchids.
In Madagascar, there’s precious and semi-precious stones, geysers, waterfalls and amazingly beautiful lake, formed in the craters of extinct volcanoes. Madagascar is a characteristic feature and the beauty of its natural lighting, an extraordinary variety of games shades of the sky, which gives its nature, especially on a high plateau, a serene shade of melancholy.
Madagascar is rightly deserved the glory of the island preserve. The traveler, who turned out for the first time on a wonderful island feel with what incomparable feeling – Madagascar strikes, cast a spell, gives a memorable encounter with the real wealth of wildlife.

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Antananarivo – the capital and largest city of Madagascar. As with any capital, here focused a lot of interest that make tourists admire what he saw. Previously, the capital was known as Tananarive, but the name was changed to Antananarivo. Among the places that must be visited in the capital – Independence Avenue, Analakelu Market, Royal Palace Ruva (Rova) Tsimbazaza zoo, palace Andafiavaratra.

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The palace complex Ruva – the main attraction of the city – is located on the highest of the twelve hills of Antananarivo, the height of just below 1.5 million meters above sea level. Local leaders began to explore this hill in the XVII century. Structures that were built here, constantly rebuilt. By the beginning of the XIX century the hill even took a bit to level to increase the building area.
The Royal Palace, the first timber, and began to be erected here in the 1820s. After facing him with a rock, he was the only stone structure Antananarivo. This is a historic place – lived here for generations of Malagasy monarchs. Here are their tombs.
This building served as a royal residence until the establishment of French rule in Madagascar. In 1995, he, unfortunately, was burned during the protests. Currently, there is a partial reconstruction mode that does not prevent inspection structures incorporated into the complex.

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The island of Madagascar is famous for its historical sites, which to this day are popular among tourists. One of them is the royal residence in Ambuhimanga.
The history of this palace of a rich and interesting – there lived a generation of Malagasy monarchs, and now here are buried.
The palace itself is on a hill, located near Antananarivo, and is the highest point. It offers a fascinating view of the city – with a huge blue lakes, hills and parks, temples and residential buildings.
It is noteworthy that prior to 1825 the island was prohibited stone buildings. The exception was a palace Ambuhimanga. Today, the palace is open to visitors at any time of the year, offers a get acquainted with the history of Madagascar. In one of the halls of the palace you can see the gifts sent by the Government of Madagascar Napoleon, the Pope and the Queen Victoria.

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Diego Suarez – Red Tsing
Red Tsing – is unique formations formed by rain and wind. The name “Red Tsing” is used quite often among the locals in Madagascar. For years, Madagascar was a French colony, so the French and Malagasy are the official languages of the island country.

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On the island grow 6 species of baobab trees, and everything in the world there are 10 types. Of course, these trees grow throughout Madagascar, but they have to be a large crowd to the neighborhood of the town Marondavy.

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Huge, malolistvennye tree trunks are visible from afar , and its appearance creates a special atmosphere in the desert. Baobab alley – a popular attraction among tourists. The average tree height – 24 meters and the diameter – 3 meters.


Lake Tritriva
Tritriva lake located in the south -western part of Madagascar, near the village of Belazao. One of the most important and attractive feature of the lake is that it has a lot of hot springs because of being in the crater of an extinct.

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Amber Mountain National Park
The National Park is located in a separate forest area. He is full of wildlife, craters, lakes and waterfalls. The park offers many places for picnics, as well as worked out the path for comfortable movement. This place is also the home of many wild animals and birds.

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Exotic tropical African nature with all its unusual animals, birds incredibly bright, beautiful plants in all its glory – a cozy sanctuary Analamazaotra one part of the National Park of Andasibe.

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The park is also called Analamazaotra park Pierina this name is preserved from the colonial times. This is a typical tropical evergreen rain forest, the biggest gimmick is – the world’s largest Indri lemurs (known to the original legend, it was from him that there was a man). Here is the most significant in size population of these rare animals. Besides them there lives a couple of other lemur species, such as lemurs, rascals, or woolly.

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By itself, the park is not that big – only 810 hectares, in the sense of the landscape is low sloping hills covered with impenetrable forest, occasionally there are small picturesque lake. The whole area is covered with a network of trails suitable for walking.

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Forest Zenawi – the best place in Madagascar to study the animals, nocturnal. There are several species of lemurs, including the smallest primate in the world – the pygmy mouse lemur.
Also, the forest is famous for unusual spiral Didier plants, various kinds of baobabs and other amazing plants.
After a walk through the woods Zenawi best holiday – swimming. Not far from the forest is a lot of excellent and safe swimming beaches.

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Lily Falls – a popular place to enjoy rafting. If you like white water rafting, then a trip to the falls – just what you need. The name was in honor of the waterfall girls Lily, who according to legend 40 years ago went to the waterfall and disappeared. The river leading to the falls is also the name of Lily.

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National Park Tsinzhi du Bemaraha
Located in the region of chalk National Park declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its area is 152 hectares. The park was established in the western part of the island in order to preserve the unique landscape of the crater and different species of lemurs. Within the reserve are preserved forests, where no man has gone before.

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