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Malaysia: Neverland


Malaysia – a fairyland for a unique holiday.

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Fascinating Malaysia, its charm, which for decades encourages tourists to travel to this country: amazing scenery, combining areas of the island of Borneo, unique architecture, typical of very rapidly developing countries of Southeast Asia climate and charming corners of the Malay Peninsula. It is not surprising that Malaysia is one of the most visited countries.

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More than 50 national parks and reserves, revealing hundreds of tourists to the unknown species of exotic plants and places where I would like to stay longer.

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In Malaysia, the travelers waiting for beautiful beaches, rain forests, exotic wildlife, unique cuisine, rooted traditions and a rich cultural history. This is a very fast-paced country to benefit from their natural resources generously provided by nature. Environmentalists often point to Malaysia as a very negative example of deforestation and other impacts on the environment.

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Malaysia – a country that can bedazzle and simultaneously demonstrate the negative consequences of globalization, but it really is the real Asia.

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This piece of paradise – the most northerly archipelago of Malaysia, 30 km from the mainland by ferry and easily accessible by air from Thailand, or Malaysia. Many tourists come here because of the beautiful beaches, sunbathing and lazily sipping cocktails. More active travelers may experience dizziness on one of the main attractions of Langkawi – 1,700-meter cableway SkyCab, climbing Mount Machinkang. Reaching to the top, to the second station, you can walk across the bridge SkyBridge (heavenly bridge Langkawi), with its viewing platform, and watch as the slopes of the mountains are floating clouds.

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Penang Island
Considered the food capital of Malaysia, this charming and well-developed island – part of the state of Penang. The island of Penang is a multinational mix of diverse cultures, religions and ethnicities, because of its position within the historic trade routes. The main area of ​​Georgetown – delightful UNESCO World Heritage site, with numerous murals and other masterpieces of street art. While traveling through the narrow streets, inhaling the aromas of local cuisine, you will experience the whole atmosphere of Penang. Culinary theme continues in the tropical gardens on the northern edge of the Spice Islands – a unique landmark of Malaysia, where you can dine in the treetops in restaurants cocoon. You can also visit the butterfly farm and other attractive targets.

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Petronas Twin Towers
Among the hustle and bustle of the chaotic capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, beauty presents itself in an unexpected form. If you take a walk around the base of the Petronas towers between sunset and moonrise, the tallest twin towers in the world are exposed to the magical transformation.

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When the day turns into night, office lights, elevator shafts and warning lights illuminate all 88 floors, highlighting the amazing building in the fog of dusk.

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For hundreds of years, Malacca was one of the most strategically important cities on the Malay Peninsula, passing from hand to hand between the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British, who fought for control of this key trading post. What is surprising, since the time of the Malay absolutely not changed. Streets such as narrow and winding, and the fragile old building exude historic character. As Penang, Malacca – one of the smallest states of Malaysia, proudly possesses the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Cameron Highlands – one of the most beautiful sights in Malaysia. Tourists visit this charming region in the state of Pahang, to enjoy a cool tropical mountain climate, where temperatures often kept in 20 degrees Celsius. Hilly terrain is full of tea plantations and flower gardens. Cameron Highlands – the leading producer of tea and flowers in Malaysia. Carefully check the weather forecast for the monsoon season (November – February) and specify the details from their company-carrier before traveling during this period, as heavy rain could lead to landslides and most of the roads are blocked.

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Pangkor Island
The tiny island near the peninsula is low, with wide beaches, like Langkawi. Pangkor Island is accessible only by ferry from the nearby town of Lumut. Lumut is about three hours drive north of Kuala Lumpur on the highway or railway station of Ipoh.

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Redang Island
Really idyllic group of islands in the South China Sea, on the east coast of Malaysia. Redang located in sheltered waters, known as the Terengganu Marine Park, with clear waters and a network of reefs. There thriving tourist industry diving.
As with other prominent landmarks, such as Cameron Highlands and much of the east coast, the monsoons dictate their conditions, and sometimes make it impossible to rest here. Between November and February, the water is too rough for boats transporting tourists to the island. Many hotels and resorts are closed, therefore it is better to call and clarify all the details, or to plan your trip away from the off-season.

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Railroad Jungle stretches more than 500 km in the north-eastern part of Peninsular Malaysia, being the gateway to Thailand. The line passes through three states – Payang, Negeri Sembilan and Kelantan, in the midst of the majestic mountainous rain forest. It is necessary to schedule your trip during the day to admire the enchanting scenery and unspoiled nature raging Malaysia.

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Sabah (Borneo)
Malaysia is an endless source of diving and Sabah is no exception in this trend. If you are interested in the underwater world, Sabah is the most northern state of Malaysia.

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People flock to this place to enjoy the sea and a myriad of exotic species of animals, including snakes, clouded leopards, and pygmy elephants, as well as other 222 mammals (of which 44 local), 420 birds (37 local), 100 amphibians and 394 fish (19 local), according to the World Wildlife Fund.

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Gunung Mulu National Park (Borneo)
Gunung Mulu National Park on the map looks like a handful of stones thrown from Brunei. Gunung Mulu National Park is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Malaysia. It is known, visited and popular landmark, extensive coverage of team Planet Earth BBC BBC. Attractions – Api-capped mountains, as well as the Gunung Mulu National Park, the largest park in Sarawak.

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