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The Island Of Java: The Heart Of The Indonesian Archipelago


The island of Java was not only the heart of the Indonesian archipelago, and as this fount of cultural and historical values. The cultural heritage of the island was created for centuries, because Java had time to visit the center of Hindu-Buddhist empires, Islamic sultanates and colonial companies.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago1

Behind the majestic Borobudur, which has become the hallmark of the island, he was fixed the title of “the oldest Buddhist temple in the world.” Scientists say that the shrine erected Saylendra descendants of an ancient dynasty, which ruled the state Mataram. More than 100 years to build a “divine stupa”, which became tangible reflection of the Buddhist mandalas, which unites heaven and earth, men and gods. Temple “Thousand Buddhas” completely justified its name: in mortars Bell 504 seated Buddha statue, and the entire complex can be found even in 1460 bas-reliefs, which have become the display of his life. By the way, the whole complex of Borobudur is also reminiscent of the Buddha on a lotus flower floating on the lake. Scientists have even found the remains of the lake around the church, which disappeared from the face of the Earth as a result of a natural disaster.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago2

In 1006 awakened volcano Merapi has caused the destruction of a large part of Borobudur. The path to the shrine overgrown with jungle, which today is covered with a third of Java, despite the fact that the island is the most populous in the world. And only in 1814 the governor of the island opened to the world a magnificent complex, thereby reviving the Javanese legends of dead stone temple town.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago3

Fully restore Borobudur was only by 1983, with the assistance of UNESCO. On the island there is a belief: if the bypass upper tiers of the temple clockwise seven times, each time touching the Buddha will come true fondest wish.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago4

For the Javanese phrase “live like a volcano” for a long time is not abstract: the island is located 120 volcanoes, 30 of which are periodically reminded of a “fiery” lava. The most popular “volcanic” domain became Java volcano Bromo, which is part of the National Park. Its crater periodically emit sulfur pair of white smoke, which made all the approaches to the mountain covered with balls of ash. Around the caldera formed these dunes of volcanic ash.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago5

Prambanan – Hindu temple complex, consisting of 224 temples and shrines. The main shrine of the complex known as Lara Dzhongrang or “slender virgin.” Although the temple is dedicated to Shiva, but he got his name because of the graceful statue of the goddess Durga. Prambanan consists of four tiers, according to the number of castes. The upper temple is dedicated to Trimurti: Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. They are surrounded by modest temples dedicated Vakhania – animals of the gods. In the temple of Vishnu can be found a stone version of “Kreshnayany”, and in the temple of Brahma – “Ramayana”.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago6

Volcano Tangkuban, startling residents and visitors Java powerful eruption in 1983, is today one of the most popular tourist destinations. Travelers tend to vent “upturned boat” to boil a few eggs for breakfast in his bubbling hot springs. And around the crater of the Queen lined rows of souvenir shops, where they sell not only different trinkets and volcanic sulfur, but also miraculous infusion of “dragon tree” that grows only Tangkubane.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago7

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – miniature park in the open air, where you can get acquainted with the architecture and traditions of all 27 provinces in Indonesia (although today in the state already includes 32 provinces). The brainchild of Madame Sukarno, Indonesia’s first lady, represents all the “country in one place.” In the center of the complex – a huge lake on which artificial islands are scattered – a miniature version of the Indonesian archipelago.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago8

And here the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno left by heart descendants National Monument, symbolizing the struggle for independence of their homeland. The majestic 132-meter tower is crowned with a bronze “Flame of Independence”, covered with gold leaf. Under it – a viewing platform overlooking the entire Jakarta. The base of the monument set aside for the National Museum, which contains 48 dioramas that illustrate the long road of Indonesia to its independence.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago9

The whole history of the country can also be found in the National Museum of Indonesia, which is among the Javanese known as “The building of the Elephant.” The whole “blame” huge bronze elephant, the King of Thailand presented by Indonesia, which is located in front of the entrance. In the exhibition halls of the museum has collected more than 140 thousand exhibits, united in seven collections: prehistoric exhibition, archeology, ceramics, numismatics, history, geography, ethnography and heraldry. The largest exhibit of the National Museum is a 4-meter high statue of Buddha.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago10

Dunia Fantasy – the epicenter of the children’s fun in the center of Jakarta, is part of the huge coastal recreation park Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Theme Park, also known under the name of “Fantastic World” is divided into eight areas of Jakarta, Indonesia, Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Of his three dozen rides the biggest popular roller coaster Halilintar, interactive dark ride Star Wars, the descent from the waterslide Niagara flume ride, show animators Balada Kera and ferris wheel Bianglala.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago11

Also Dunia Fantasy arsenal Ancol Dreamland has a modern water park Atlantis Water Adventure, a huge aquarium Ocean Dream Samudra, oceanarium SeaWorld, two beaches with a full service range of Carnival beach and Festival beach, Indonesian art market Pasar Seni, Golf Executive Golf Fun, bowling center Jaya Bowling and eco-park Ocean Eco Park, consisting of 4 zones of Eco Energy, Eco Care, Eco Nature and Eco Art.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago12

Anyone who wants to relax is not the concrete jungle, and now awaits baluran National Park, spread around the extinct volcano of the same name. The landscape of this park in places like Savannah, here even arrange safari, during which you can see the inhabitants of baluran – panthers, monkeys, deer, muntjac, peacocks, wild cats. But to take a picture of the mascot of the park – bull banteng – have come to its water borders. After rising to the top of the volcano baluran, you can see the outline of the island of Bali – the main tourist rival Java.

The island of Java - the heart of the Indonesian archipelago13