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Top 10 The Most Cheapest Cities For Travel In Europe


10 – Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw – the main and largest city of Poland. While most tourists prefer among cities in Poland Krakow, Warsaw rapidly developing tourist infrastructure, it is an interesting piece of the puzzle in the post-Soviet region. The capital of the country has something special, what attracts her again and again.


9 – Istanbul, Turkey
It is a city known as the golden mean between the West and the East. Istanbul is not enough markets, temples and attractions for a longer stay, and like everywhere in Turkey are quite cheap. This is a fantastic city that has its own smell, soul and leaves a deep imprint in the memory of many travelers.


8 – Riga, Latvia
It is strange to see the city, which is so far north, in the list of top ten cheapest cities. However, it fact that Riga is a classy option for independent budget travelers. Cheap Hostels can be finding, like everything else. Since the country joined the eurozone on 1 January 2014, and many expect that prices here will rise.


7 – Budapest, Hungary
Another excellent option for budget travel is Budapest. This city always gets high marks from visitors. Castles and Cathedrals of the Hungarian capital are fascinating, but here you will also find thermal spas, which are cheap enough even for budget travelers.


6 – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Sarajevo after all the troubles of the past struggles to attract tourists. The city is located deep in the mountains, it will enchant you as soon as you arrive. Muslim Old Town close to the center are very interesting and incredibly hospitable. This is one of the hidden gems, mainly because here is not easy to get to.


5 – Krakow, Poland
Krakow continues to head the list of the most attractive and best tourism cities in Europe. Low prices attract a large number of Europeans for the rest of the day off. There are many great and cheap hostels, bar and restaurants with nice prices. Everything has been designed for you to enjoy the beautiful old town and the local culture.


4 – Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade is one of the Balkan cities that have had problems in the 1990s and is still struggling to attract tourists. You will not find a large number of attractions, but you will find a lively and interesting city center, an interesting night life and attractive prices.


3 – Sofia, Bulgaria
Sofia is an interesting option among European capitals. There is a very picturesque town center, the Bulgarians are very friendly to foreign tourists. all prices are very cheap. For the fact that in Bulgaria the majority of tourists travel to the sea, Sofia, unfortunately, remains outside the attention of many tourists.


2 – Kiev, Ukraine
The capital of Ukraine is not a very popular option among European tourists, but each of the following year their number is growing. Kiev is rapidly developing tourism infrastructure. Especially, if your financial capabilities are limited.


1 – Bucharest, Romania
Of course this is not the most magical city in Romania, but Bucharest is trying to attract more visitors from the West. Fortunately, those who do decide to visit Bucharest and will be rewarded with the low prices of all that, of course, is a big plus. The huge building of the Parliament is that it examine.