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UAE: A Country Of Great Opportunity And Fulfilled Dreams


United Arab Emirates have a surprising variety, which for many years has been consistently draws crowds of tourists coming from the most remote corners of the globe in search of oriental tale.
The moment you arrive at the place, travelers at once with his head into the mysterious world of the Middle East – where amazingly blends together the modern dynamic life and maintain the same local flavor.

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Regions and attractions UAE
Each of the seven emirates has its own unique features. Each of them can be your real miracle tayaschim most extraordinary discoveries.

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Thus, the capital emirate of the UAE – Abu Dhabi, not only has the largest territory, but also a very ancient history. According to the numerous archaeological expeditions, the first settlements appeared on this land for over 4,000 years ago! In this regard, it is not surprising wealth of archaeological finds and cultural monuments of past eras. The other side of this emirate are numerous islands, scattered along the northern coast in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

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Sharjah – with its small size this emirate has long been one of the main commercial centers of the region. In this regard, even the earliest settlements (formed on the land more than 5000 years ago) were isolated from some of its neighbors in the exquisite richness of the architectural design.

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The smallest emirate – Ajman, having world- famous resorts, appears to visitors in the form of a cozy country town. This emirate Nemea clearly shows the traditional culture and for many Europeans can serve as a kind of ” second homeland “, although another part of the visitors Ajman will be a real delight – are canceled “dry law” – the main city allowed the free sale of alcoholic beverages.

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The emirate of Ras al- Khaimah – the most northerly of all the UAE. It takes a special variety – a relaxing holiday in the oases and sandy beaches of the neighbors with excellent spa resort Hutt , wishing to learn something new in the history of the region have to visit old castles and forts.

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Umm al- Quwain – the second of the tiny emirates (1% of the total area of the country) , which has the smallest population density. It’s just a quiet place with cozy bays and lagoons.

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The Emirate of Fujairah – one of the emirates, all the coast which lies exclusively in the waters of the Gulf of Oman. The picturesque mountain country with charming beauty of the geological formations and rich underwater world. Especially popular with divers from all over the world enjoy the coral reefs in the Strait of Hormuz.

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Although safe to say that the most famous landmarks are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This pearl of the Arabian Peninsula has a lot of magnificent mosques, minarets, palaces and residences. For many centuries the center of life in the city were the bazaars – which now can easily find products from all over the globe.


Realizing its unique attractiveness for tourism ( in addition to the colorful nature of some 360 days a year – sunny!), Local authorities have done their best to entice and captivate visitors. They got it! – And how! Luxury shops and restaurants, luxury hotels, excellent resorts with the highest level of service and exciting leisure – what more could a tourist escape from the bustling city in the eastern tale!? The other side of the attractiveness of Dubai is considered to be a favorable business climate, the owners of the world-famous companies prefer to hold meetings here with his companions, and after the lucrative contracts and can have a good rest, removing the stress out of the work done.


Dubai – Attractions
One has only to arrive in Dubai, as the emirate’s attractions surround the once you from all sides… Dubai, as part of an independent sovereign state, has its own unique, inimitable beauty – equal that need to find! Over the years, Dubai has been the most important cultural and commercial center of the Arabian Peninsula.

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He served as the material and cultural exchange between residents of the desert and coastal regions ( not to mention the traders from other countries), bringing the city gradually acquired its unique originality. It is the spiritual diversity of the “cultural crossroads” of the Middle East was the prototype of the modern face of the city – Dubai acquired its interest through a deep cultural roots of the local population.


Bearing in mind the glorious deeds of their ancestors, in Dubai created several historical and natural history museums, where it is constantly held the most versatile exhibition. The surviving historic buildings in the “old town” is constantly maintained in perfect condition, keeping alive the memory of bygone eras. As you can see, considering the United Arab Emirates, Dubai and its attractions occupy one of the key positions in the tourism infrastructure of the country, which gives the city a special significance in the eyes of the international community.


Dubai in the lens of photographers
Even someone who has never visited the United Arab Emirates, seen in the photo sights of Dubai – this amazing corner of the planet, which has absorbed all the best features of the Middle East.


Not for nothing on the desktop for many computer users around the world to the world- famous attractions of Dubai photo – at least remember the famous Palm Island and sail hotel . Well, perhaps it does not tell us the incomparable fabulousness , these unusual creations of human hands!?


The main attractions of Dubai
Being a rich cultural and historical center of the region, Dubai has much to offer a tireless adventurer and an ardent researchers. Speaking of the main attractions of Dubai is difficult to distinguish one thing – there are so many interesting places! – And all of them want to visit!


Here are just a very short list, which reflects the main attractions of Dubai:
Bay’s “Scream.” Without exaggeration, this is the most important part of the city – only because it made possible the development of trade, which is flourishing here today. This attraction of Dubai is a kind of time machine, carefully over all the changes taking place in the life of the city for all its long history. It was reconstructed several times and now there is arranged a beautiful promenade, ending close to Al Maktoum Bridge.

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Bastakiya – the historic district of the main city, which has many historic buildings, executed by the technology of the past centuries and embodies all the characteristics of the traditional architecture of the Middle East. In this area , there are constant restoration work, making an updated look Bastakiya takes pride of place in the list of the main attractions of Dubai.

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Great Mosque – is not only a magnificent religious symbol, but fine example of the architectural heritage of the past. It was constructed in the middle of the IX. Aghlabid dynasty, but over the following centuries periodically rebuilt. Now it boasts 9 large domes, 45 small domes and the main minaret 70 meters!

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Urban markets – are located close to the harbor, they have unparalleled local flavor. On the shelves you can find the most unusual things, and brisk trade in all keys tout their wares. Your attention will appear the most diverse selection of products – from fresh fish and hot bread to fine jewelry in the Gold Series. Add to this a distinctive rhythm in the Middle East and you will find out the reason for the high popularity of this place for tourists!

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Jumeirah. This amazing island palm impresses with its size! Can you imagine the diameter reaches 6000 m! Highlights of sight… And when you consider that it is the largest man-made island in the world , and even visible from space… – in short, to see it with my own eyes must each!

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«Ski Dubai» – the first ski resort in the Middle East. Opportunity to plunge after the summer heat in the cool shade of winter kingdom is worth much! Doing just a few steps, you find yourself out of hot Arabia in the most genuine snowy kingdom – one of the excellent ski slopes… Your feelings will then be difficult to put into words…

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Waterpark «Wild Wadi» – still one of the major attractions of Dubai. Here you will find all of the known world’s water rides – ranging from huge pools and waterfalls (which are exact copies of the real shape of the river Wadi) to the crazy water slide – the highest and fastest in the world (although, according to some, it is inferior in speed a similar slide in the U.S.)!


Again, this is only a very brief list showing the main attractions of Dubai. Although only visit them you will take more than one day.


If I could pull you at least a little Eastern fairy tale and make them think about a trip to Dubai, photo sites will be an excellent argument that finally tipped the scales pereklonit. Believe me, it’s worth it!